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My Love And Light

Update (December 16, 2020):

Indeed I have never been defeated only because of God, and because I have always belonged to God.

Everything I write is genuine as I speak from the truth of my life, mind, and experiences, however the Lord came to me to reveal his true self over the misconception and anger I had toward him.

The Lord summoned me seven months back I wrote just a few examples here as there are plenty more!: God’s Summon, The Lord Never Abandons Us, My Roots, Idol Worship And New Age, Counterfeit Christians And The Truth About Salvation.

I am leaving posts up on my blogs in which I spoke very negatively about God because I have nothing to hide and because I feel it is a great testimony to show before and after how the Lord can come into- or back into- our hearts and change us toward him for the better. –latoya lawrence

Significance Of The Caul/A Caulbearer Who Can’t Be Defeated 


I came across some old comments that I had saved but never approved because they were so ridiculously transparent.

Full of envies, jealousies, and disappointments as to my success as a “special person” and as to the successes within my life as a “survivor”. As a great accomplished (continuing to push forward and prevail regardless of obstacles set before me by enemies) individual with strength, confidence, growth, and much knowledge.

This person in particular who addressed me rather arrogantly and bitterly in a comment was particularly responding to the one and only post regarding the Caul that I had copied and pasted to share for public observance August 26, 2007 http://www.caulbearer.org Order Of The Ancient Way which was removed by wordpress since the owners of the site did not approve of the sharing of their content.

Anyway, this person specifically who I speak of had not read anything else other than this particular post that I had copied regarding being born with the caul.

They had not bothered to read any of the over one hundred prior posts that I had written concerning my life and experiences with the world distinctly and in general.

So when they mentioned that much of what I wrote about caulbearers they had seen on other sites-it was indeed a big fat lie! I did not write the post listed by “Order Of The Ancient”. Nothing but a game that they tried to run on me.

Later came Shannon Lee wolf (Sharon Lassiter) who tried the same thing and failed (But she went a step further by falsely accusing me of plagiarism. And only to draw attention primarily toward herself). The only problem now is that she continues to come to my site to steal my content, facts, experiences, and style of writing (which cannot be duplicated) to put into her own words and to claim as her very own material just like she did with the other particular members of her phony caulbearers united website.

All credit for anything that Shannon writes goes to I and to all the other “true caulbearers” that she has stolen input from. I guarantee that she will not get far. Everyone who is on the level knows the truth about her. Even the certain people around her are aware of her fraudulent schemes-trust me!

This person accused me of purposely attempting to drum up admiration. In reality this person was just infuriated by the attention that I was getting on my site. Jealous, resentful people do not like to see others who are talented do well in the things that they were meant to do.

I am a writer, a messenger, a speaker of truth.

If people are inspired to compliment me or to look up to me that is purely their prerogative. I have absolutely nothing to do with that. If a bunch of people were coming to my blog constantly criticizing me would I have been accused of trying to purposely drum up that type of attention? I think not, so please spare me the bullshit.

People have admired me and my works all through out my life and for many reasons just like many of us congratulate or compliment others who we take pleasure or resource in.

Whether one “praises” or “ridicules” it has no bearing on me.

I am not here to please or to disturb anyone. I am here because I have just as much right as anyone else to live my life and to fulfill out my purpose.

I am not obligated to serve anybody’s “God of the bible”. He is not my Lord or my commander.

My caul birth serves for my own well being as an individual of my own existence of where I come from, who I am, and where I belong.

And no one will ever violate that. No one will ever dictate to me what my life and birth truly signifies within the terms of lifestyle or celestial means.

My worth is not based on the service from me to others.

I am not here to serve anyone. I have no obligation but to myself. I am obligated to love myself, to respect myself, and to be all that I was created to be.

I am one of the very few of my kind who weren’t able to be converted or destroyed by the demonic and their negative disguises and influences. Part of my purpose is for the survival of what I am a representation of.

And through my self service of naturally exercising and utilizing my gifts to enhance my life and profession certain others are able to benefit within certain areas if they choose to, or if they find it useful to their own state of being.

The so called “will” of “God” does not apply to me as I gratefully and fortunately am not of him.

“God” is demonic. I know this for a fact. There are a lot of lies and brainwashes going on out within the world that only a person like me is able to see, feel, hear, know, interpret, and understand. Certain revelations are not meant for just anyone.

All caulbearers are not of one another. They all do not use their knowledge or ability in the same exact method. All do not even have the same beliefs or interests into the occult. Many have different roads, genealogical roots, and are connected to specific spiritual dimensions. And many are very powerful in their abilities and in what they do.

Some caulbearers are just extraordinary people living ordinary lives. And if they follow or believe in “God” it does not necessarily make them bad people. Neither does it make those born without cauls any less good or important in their existence.


Of course, those who oppose the God of the bible will come under ignorant conclusions and judgements by many. It does not bother or affect me at all. It just makes me the more proud and determined.

This person who left the comment also mentioned obeying “Gods’ instruction to stay on the right path.

It is very sad that some choose and need a sad book like the bible in order to know the true difference between what is right and what is genuinely wrong according to their particular nature.

God is just a sick, irresponsible, cowardly spirit who continually wants and needs to be praised and worshipped for his own gratification or self satisfaction.

If one is truly pure in mind and spirit according to their own particular nature guidance, direction, inspiration and truth will innately manifest and lead one down along their correct or destined path. I know. This has been my way for all of my life because of who I genuinely belong to, and I have lived an extremely good life.

That is why I have always constantly come under attack ever since childhood.

Christianity and no other religion will ever strip away the true identity or spirituality that comes from my true African origin.

“Spirit has always been with me”. “Spirit came to me on it’s own”. My ancestors and Orishas have been with me from the beginning and they will continue to be with me til the end. I am gratefully of them.

I don’t give a fuck about the “god” of the bible and I am tired of hearing about him. He gets no credit from me just pure contempt.

My life runs so happily, so peacefully, and so smoothly. Only when he’s around and trying to intercede with his demonic presence and demonic believers, servants, or followers does conflict arise.

I remember when my so called Godmother (who my mother picked out for me during my christening as a baby in a catholic church. And who I have no regard for. She was a dopefiend in the past as well as one who was down with the rest of my enemies).

Lorraine had the nerve to tell me that I defeated all of my enemies with black magic because I always kept the ways of God.

Lorraine’s statement was one of the biggest insults to me (I had never told her or went into detail about how I defeated my enemies. “They are all shocked and surprised, they don’t understand how you did it” Lorraine had said to me at that particular time).

They believed more in their own God more than they should have!-I say.

I know tricks that none of them knew about. Not even the certain person that I worked with. I did the rest alone. And within the present I still work alone with my “spiritual connection”.

I, Latoya, having lived a clean life had absolutely nothing to do with me adhering to the laws or rules of God. I defeated my enemies because I and what is around me is much more stronger and much more powerful than them and what they are.

And God played a big part in my enemies black magic as they were and are all demonic.

Some people have such a twisted and misguided view of the influence of their perceived God, actually believing that we as humans cannot be of any good or of any significant value without him. Nothing but pure bullshit!

I am the way that I am not because of the God of the bible. If I was I’d be in serious trouble!

I am the way that I am because it is within my own nature. Strong, honest, and free with no shame or apologies.

The circumstances around my very existence estimates the true value of my worth and I have plenty of experiences to validate every aspect. So the only one’s that defy and fool themselves are the ones who are in denial and who are blinded by their own ignorance and lack of acuity.

Here is the comment that was sent to me on my blog back in the year of 2008

From Caul/Veil, 2008/05/28 at 2:19 PM
2008/05/28 Approve | Unapprove | Spam | Delete
cs70@cox.net |

Furthermore?LaToya, you should question yourself and your inner motives. I see a lot of people praising you here, but you would do much better to help others see what they need to know for themselves. Praise will be a downfall

As a caulbearer, you have a gift of ability and certain attributes that others do not. But you should take care of those. God?s instruction to you through the Bible still applies, and you are not exempt from being contaminated by self agrandizement of free will. The Caul itself is not an ends to a means. It is a means to do good. How you choose to use your abilities is what makes those profitable -spiritually profitable- to others, and should be done without acknowledgement of your self.
You can fool yourself. You can deify yourself. I know. And you have to take great care in listening to God, to know that you are staying on the right path.
Much of what you write about Caulbearers I have seen on other sites. But I don?t need to see that to know that I am different, that somehow I know more, that somehow I can sometimes heal. Just remember, you need God to do all of these things, with the caul or without.

And here is the other comment that was more recent from last year. This one however, was motivated by the connection that had to do with a post regarding Shannon Lee Wolf. If one takes notice though they both are similarly related just different tactics “Just like the rest who’s names I will not mention”. They all had and have their different approaches yet some go away and leave it alone while others continue to effort in vain:

Submitted on 2012/10/02 at 2:30 am

For a hand- pickedt soldier of GOD you sure don’t mention him much . I do recall you talking alot about you’r self though. Seems like you need to take a few steps back and humble you’re self. You seem so full of light and so full of shit at the same time . My name is what you call me. I was born to anwser his call as well. You spend a lot of time on the computer I see . The world needs you. If you have gifts I can promise they were not ment for you to gain “fans” . Instead of promoting “you” or other negetive light why not ask that people go sign up to donate Blood Marrow . Or ask that people in need of someone to talk to e-mail you . You get my point of course . See you’ll probably want to fire back at some grammer error or get ignorant in some way but the truth is GOD . Email all retarded comments to HIM and ill take the positive ones 😉 Also what point is it to have us unite ? That just means a higher chance of some one feeling there self a little to much ( happens some times ) and trying to be some leader or something like that. Our gifts don’t need anyone but …. take a guess …Yep ..!! GOD!! ..

Both comments from demonic creatures who I laugh at without pity. They do not realize what they show. I know what they are, the people who they are affiliated with and so on. Most of the time they are looking for a response, a reaction to aid them out within the mission that they have planned (all in which I can see right on through). For so many of them they sure aren’t too bright-but after all that is why there is so many of them! The blind leading the blind.

The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge

I Am Blessed So Keep Your God To Yourself


12 thoughts on “Significance Of The Caul/A Caulbearer That Cannot Be Defeated

  1. I knew it Sharon run a caulbearer group on Facebook, i have been perplexed by the nonsense that chats up other snd why no one seems to be taking seriously that we have a job to do

  2. Wow! As a mother that gave birth to a caul bearer that was born from a rape, I am embarrassed by your use of your small knowledge. God of the bible is in fact the Creator of both heaven and earth. The bible has been tampered with by men with their own plans and desires. Just as you have chosen to shut The Most High God, Creator of heaven earth and you…..YOU. How dare you not respect the Creator even in your arrogance. You didn’t make yourself remember that. Your gifts are just that. Like a spoiled brat He can remove said powers from you just a fast as He gave them. Humbleness is far greater. You don’t owe the negative commenters anything. Ignorance can be exposed without a response to prove yourself. Just like Eve in the garden trying to convince the serpent. Don’t be ugly like them. Peace

    1. LaToya Lawrence
      To Sashat39@icloud.com Jun 6 at 7:15 AM
      At first I was not going to respond because you were definitely “not” worth responding to but sick people like you need to be put in your place and you need to stay within your own league and not try to challenge people who are above you.

      You are way beneath me in every way, and for your information my I.Q is above average, when I was ten years of age I was passing tests that High school kids were unable to pass, and so on.

      Not to mention that I was born to be very successful and influential through the knowledge and ability that I naturally have so it is funny to me how you talk about what you do not know when I can back up all the things that I say.

      Small knowledge? Bitch, you must be high on the drugs that you use! I have never been classified as one to not be hugely aware. You need to be embarrassed by your own sheer display of stupidity because that is all that you have honestly shown through writing to me.

      As a piece of shit you may want to believe that lie that you have made up of me not having any education or lacking within skill or competency which is all made up through pure envy and jealousy due to the fact that I am “way too smart” and “far better within character” for your kind of trashy people to handle.

      I do not know who you are personally but know that you are one of those degenerates.

      I am a very intelligent human being that is highly knowledgeable within a wide variety of areas that include experience and lots of accurate information, and also within natural ability and that just kills you and eats you up inside.

      And I have never had to attempt to prove anything to anybody. Nobody tries to convince more than your kind you all accuse others of what you yourselves are guilty of and when one stands up for themselves you all try to manipulate and turn things around to fit in your modes of deception.

      I know that you got offended and intimidated by my strength and confidence and want to retaliate against me for a reaction. You will never reach the high level that I am on and you know nothing about me or my life.

      You may think that you do from your inadequacy which already has revealed the limited bridge of scope within your own distorted and ignorant range of perception, and of reality, but you really don’t.

      All that you undesirables do is tell lies and try to play head games you people are so sick within the mind that you never stop even though you all have already been conquered.

      And I have known since I was a child that the bible has been tampered with and I know that god created heaven and earth (which is the problem and what raises a big flag because if it weren’t for him trash just like yourself would not have ever come into existence and I will never have any respect for a god who gives life to garbage) but who created him you dumb bitch!

      I bet that you do not have the correct answer to that one so just shut the fuck up.

      When you can honestly share where god came from and how he actually came into existence himself them maybe you could talk a little bit of your bullshit.

      There is more to life than what you’ll ever come to know yet I can ultimately see into what you can’t.

      God cannot take a fucking thing away from me because there is a “higher power, a higher source” that is on my side and that has always been with me to guide and to protect.

      There is an explanation to how god came to be that not too many other individuals are aware about if anyone utterly knows at all. There is just so much more to be uncovered and I am so glad that there is much more to the story of life and to an even higher divinity.

      As a spiritual person I know and know not to worry because everything is always going to turn out right and one day all will be discovered.

      Where was your god when you got raped, you dumb bitch? What is around me would never allow such a sick act of that nature to take place within my life.

      And you claim to have given birth to a caulbearer, if so (which I doubt) that child is a nothing with not too much of any significant ability unless that child was to break away from you and not be anything of you.

      You see, I am an authentic person born of the caul and as a person truly gifted with the power to “know, see and feel” there is a deeply profound fact that comes along within enlightenment through unto the preternatural senses in which distinguishes and recognizes the graveness within truth. And the truth is that there is definitely something not right about the trash (your class of people) it has been and still is so deep how I can actually discern the morbidity and negativity that lies within their mere existence.

      I greatly look forward to the day when you are all taken away from the universe completely.

  3. Sir/ Madame ,Plz help me to find my way I’m a caulbearer I also want to b great person .Tell me what to do? Born on 1974 /10/5october

  4. Hi, I am twenty six years old and of Indian decent. I was born with a veil but my mum says the nurse had taken it. However I decided for some reason to research about being a caulbearer today. From a child I use to come home and tell my mum I see naked people everywhere and she use to ask me to draw what I see. My memory is very vivid of my early childhood experiences however I still continue to see the late and able to interact with some. I dream of religious I have no link to. Seeing different Gods come to me in times of need. I sense when spirits are near, I always thought I was a excellent judge of character but I know its far beyond. Is there a way to manifest my gift or find my calling? I do not think like an average person in the norm my views of the universe are so certain yet cannot be backed up. I am probably going in all directions writing my post but I need to find my peace of mind.

    1. What type of Indian? I am Native American And African American with some European ancestry. My grandfather was 100% “Cherokee” Indian. My Mother’s grandmother on her mother’s side was 100% native American. My great grandmother on my mother’s father’s side was “black foot” Indian. It just goes on and on through out all and both sides of my families and I’ve seen all of the pictures and photo’s that go way back to the south from my relatives.

      Indians are very spiritual people by nature and that is a great part of where my spirituality originates from aside from my “African” roots. I am very strong and rich in culture by nature. And that may be possibly what is following you, your “roots”. Race is irrelevant when it comes to having gifts, however, our ethnicity and culture have an impact on what is bestowed down to us through our heritage/lineage yet we all can relate in different, similar, but significant ways.

      Now back to you and what you have spoken of, if your mind is not of the average you should be proud and embrace your exceptionality. The more you acknowledge, embrace and accept yourself as a spiritual person with ability the more your gifts of purpose will manifest and reveal. You do not find your calling, your calling finds you! Your calling is you, you just may not have discovered or realized it yet.

      And what you “know for certain” is already “backed up” that is why it is revealed unto you. It is not about having to prove what you know to others but about you being special enough for “divine spirit” (whatever that may be defined for you, depending on what you believe or believe in) to prove/confirm to you what you know is real in a world of many untruths, misconceptions, brain washing, corruptions and so on. There are people who will never come to discern and comprehend what you discover through out your journey.

      You have to believe in yourself enough and to meditate if you need to validate (back up) for yourself what you feel so sure of. Confidence is key! We may all get a little stumped at times but our little tangles always get resolved during our paths to reasoning when you truly have faith.

      Your peace of mind comes with self love, self respect, confidence, and strength within who you are and know yourself to be. If you are exceptional within the mind use that power. Knowledge is indeed power!

      P.S. (Your mom was right on to tell you to draw what you saw. I often wrote down what I saw or dreamed. I admire the gifts of drawing, I wish I could draw it is a beautiful talent, but I was gifted in writing so what the hell! I wish you good luck!)

  5. Hello My given name is Gerri,my native name is Lady who walks but I prefer my hippy name Violet Skye’s! I would so much like to understand what why things are! I recently discovered this phenomenon runs in my family passed down through the women of my family. 4 generations so far, are en cauls were not preserved appropriately and all our lives have been utter grief and chaos. I plan to stop this legacy of chaos when my granddaughter is of age to have children. I know what I know make no mistake by being harsh with me. We are touched like no other of this I’m sure. We each have our gifts to offer as we choose. I choose to learn from you if you’ll have me. This wolf woman and i have had our go around as well. I hear the truth in your words ,as you command people to listen. Something that I would like to learn, My spirit has been weaken but my brothers protect me constantly from the other dimensions at will. I wish you a stellar day and good tidings always. Violet Skye’s

    1. Hello Violet, I know of specific/particular en caul births where certain people were born with the caul all over their entire body who by nature became full fledged psychics. And I have been aware of this for many years as this fact has taken place back in the south many decades ago, there is no doubt about it! The gift of the caul can of course be passed down to men folk but it is mostly a bestowal that is granted throughout the female generations.

      I would never doubt your knowledge or be harsh with you, you know what your experience is and no one can tell you any different-trust me I am very open minded. I know what is possible from my own personal and professional experiences. And you are correct true rare people born of the caul according to their each own unique blessings are indeed touched like no other and you have every right to profess that without criticism because it is the truth (many people cannot properly conceive certain truths or even deal with truth at all for that matter).

      And also, anyone in their right mind should not mess with a true person born of the caul the power is beautifully dangerous!

      If you ever feel the need to reach out to someone else who understands and who could possibly offer you further assistance and insight you are very welcome to contact me. I only deal with people who are real, it is always conducive to exchange knowledge and ideas for our never-ending potential growth and awareness.

      You have a great, beautiful day also!

      Sincerely LaToya

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