True Words Of Wisdom/Food For Thought

682205_a_roseNow I do not and have never liked a liar. And I do not appreciate being lied upon so I can relate to anyone who would get pissed off by certain untruths yet when one is genuinely innocent then they have nothing at all to worry about.

Even if one has beliefs, behavior, or a lifestyle that others see as wrong or do not approve of. It does not matter what others think of us it only matters what we truly think of ourselves.

I can understand it when someone takes up for their self, stands up for their self, defends their self, and so on. Any self dignified person with backbone should automatically be inspired to do so if the circumstances are justified and calls for it. Even if one just needs to let off that steam.

It is one thing to fight back reasonably or to state an experience to continuously share due to the realities and discoveries of life.

It is an entirely whole different situation when one goes out of their way to try to prove them self. Especially when they know that they are guilty.

It is deep how when certain people tell lies on others it is supposed to be alright (speaking in general). As soon as others tell the truth on them though they cannot handle it.

That is the difference between a liar and a truth teller.

In most instances an honest person who is lied on does not care about what others believe and will not try to convince anyone of anything because they do not have to.

A deceptive person on the other hand will eventually hang themselves by their own constant guilt. The perpetuating tortures of being eaten up inside. Eaten alive.

Caught up into the strings of their own raggedy ropes. Their own ties that loosely bind.

Before they even realize it they are already strapped in a full rip of holes. All tore up, bound, and gagged out.


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