“Tunes” Of Harmony To The Universe


I feel a great freedom that comes along with the balance and alignment with the universe. The power to self express and to reflect back to us all of the essential benefits that life has to offer.

Elements that are suitable and fulfilling to the particular needs of any aspiring individual, corresponding to the aids of a better health and state of well-being.

I find in not being at all afraid to acknowledge and to display what I truly know, feel, or believe effectively welcomes in a change and opens up the doors to the reality that one naturally deserves.

One lives who they actually are by exuding their pure unrelenting energy out into the cosmic field what a very courageous thing to step out onto the limb of chance reaching far away past to an area that is out of grasp, out of sight, then taking that jump into atmospheric range, a giant leap into faith.

An unwavering account of risk, dare to go to the edge. Dare to face the challenge of testing the waves, rowing in the tides, demanding the rewards of fate.

Going that extra mile actually minimizes the distance allowing the separated part of one’s self to connect and to find infinite validation through compatibility.

The outer part of self can only recognize and return to the inner part once confirmation is identified, authenticated by truth.

If sections of one are hidden from their other missing pieces how or why should they find or even come back together as a whole?

Who wants to live in collision with one’s own self? Not me. I wouldn’t.

The great and beautiful lesson that I have learned is the more that I take advantage of delighting in being real, in being myself. In putting myself above the restrictions of what is supposedly permitted by the world.

I embrace the permission to not permit the world to limit to me and to my phenomenal outcomes.



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