My Early Internet Days “Constructively” Resurrected

398692_glasswareWhen I get into my writing modes and creations it is so lovely. I go crazy. Always stimulated with numerous ideas and projects. Designs that are old along with the plans that are new.

Mad with determination, enjoyment, and discipline.

Guided by the natural inspiration and talent for the art of my literature. And also by a higher power to do and to continue to do.

When I first started blogging on the internet at another platform in late January of 2006 the name of my popular blog was titled “My Voice” by Miss LaToya Lawrence: My Voice is all about my creativity and issues relating to society. Everybody may not agree or like what I say but I don’t care because I speak the truth and that’s all what’s important.

In the year 2013 I am still going on strong and led by spirit.

My latest new blog- The Archives: LaToya’s Early Day Internet Diaries has recently come into creation- A resurrection of all my interesting and real life experiences, knowledge, spiritual adventures, and truths from when I first came onto the online scene back in the year 2006 from the archives (over one hundred-twenty posts!).

Of course, I have grown and advanced even further since then.

I loved delving back and having memories to save, capture, and remind me of my moments just as pictures and videos often do. I adore and treasure all of my self-written posts.

Blogs are so great in so many ways for a writer and a creator!

My written posts have long life and have ongoing relevance regarding life in general and in distinct.

I have quite a bit to re-post with links back to the original, however, it will not all be done in one day as the activity is time consuming and I have other things to do and to get done within my day to day life. But here and there I will be adding each post of  about one hundred and twenty something.

The way that I get things done though it will not take me very long to complete!

The Archives: LaToya’s Early Day Internet Diaries

Expression Of Perspectives/Sharing Insights

714601_tulipsSpirit moved me to share this correspondence between another writer and I as we spoke and returned our feedback on particular issues of enlightenment and importance.

This person had read then commented on one of my posts titled Know Thy Self: Not What Others Say Or Claim You To Be:

I can relate. I lived two years at school, where everybody assumed that I was dating a friend of mine, just because we hanged out together. He got some embarrassed by it, we ended up losing contact for 2 or 3 years.

We are who we are. Each person that I had met was unusual by itself. I used to make my first impressions based on thing like that, but even back there I was aware, that I might be wrong.

These days I almost don’t do it anymore. I was proven wrong so many times that you can put people into boxes, that I am no trying anymore.

Thank for that inspiration article. We need to remind people from time to time, that we are who we feel and think we are, and not what other people project on us. No matter how hard is to not agree with the society’s opinion.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 01:15.


Yes, it is very important to not allow anyone to dictate to us who we are as individuals or as to why we do the certain things that we do.

Uniqueness is a blessing to take advantage of and no one should doubt themselves, or have to repress who they truly are and what they truly want to be on account of narrow-minded people who are ignorant.

We deserve the freedom to discover, learn, recognize, and to enjoy the innate beauty of our own existence.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 03:09.

I would not be able to say it better.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 03:11.

Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience. We can all find enlightenment from one another in one way or another.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 03:23.

So true. That is why I like reading things from other people and listening to their opinion. A person can learn so much from it.

It is also more interesting, when person is sure of himself and is not afraid to state their mind.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 03:40.

I totally agree.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 06:41.

1388853_red_tulipsThen this writer had read then commented on another two posts that I wrote titled Asexuality, and Proud To Be Asexual/The Liberating Truth About My Asexuality

I wish, that I would be so sure of my identity, when I was a teenager. But I really respected science back there, and since animals (including people) are made to reproduce, they would all had sexual drives.
This was a great article, describing the asexuality. There is a need for more exposure. I still meet the people, that just try to start kissing me, assuming that I like that kind of thing. And when I stop them, they assume that I must be lesbian.
Sometimes I do not know if I can laugh or not, when they try to explain to me, that I can’t be asexual, because it is weird/unnatural/…

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 05:52.

Believe me. You can definitely laugh because it is the most natural thing to those who are Asexual.

Now I do not claim to speak for all because I cannot. We are all different individuals with various experiences.

However, as a person my self being Asexual “to be sexual” is something very unnatural to me. It is also a turn off to me how so many indulge in the sexual act the way that they do. This is such a highly sexual society. So it is funny in a way seeing how each side is or maybe viewing the other side in the same exact light.

I do not have a problem with what other people feel or do though. But it is not right for anyone to tell anyone else what is not possible unless they have truly and actually walked in their shoes.

That is how we learn many incredible things that actually exist. There are things that people had never believed in until the circumstance or situation transpired in their life or to someone that they knew, or someone other that they may have come across.

This is a huge world with all different kinds of people and many things go on that we would never think of or even imagine.

Some human females who are Asexual only get a sexual urge once in a while during the time around ovulation similar to certain animals. The body’s way of initiating the possibility of conception if one were to follow the urge. Copulation for reproductive purpose, not for desire or pleasure.

Yet even if some do get that particular urge from the body they would not all want to have intercourse with the opposite sex.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 07:18.

I feel for the women getting this urges, as it must be really uncomfortable. I am glad that I made peace with myself. I also have no wish to having anything to do with sex.

I see the proof of how sexual our society is in the movies. I watch other people, how during scenes involving sex they all stop talking and eating. And I am usually the only person looking around.

It is also the reason to introduce the people around me to the concept of asexuality. I sometimes have to be really patient for the people to end up understanding. But is how the world is eventually changed. One person at the time.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 07:36.

I understand one hundred percent. There comes a certain freedom and purity that comes along with not desiring to have any type of sexual contact. It is even obvious just by observing the lifestyle of many others.

It is also a great strength of character to not want to have anything to do with sex. I have the attitude that this is my body and that no one has the right to touch or to violate it. My body is my own personal territory. I do not want anyone to ever touch me in any intimate manner.

I have never even been attracted to anyone whether it be male or female. I am purely attracted to my own spiritual nature and living a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 08:15.

Then I read one of her articles titled How I Realized, That I Am Asexual and I made a comment underneath the other few responses and we corresponded some more.

You are correct that this is something we don’t often hear about. I’ve heard several other people who say their sex drive is so low as to be non-existant but yet some folk will insist on trying to pigeon-hole them into other categories, as if it were possible to be, for example, a heterosexual asexual. (What would that even be? A person who is interested in not being interested in the opposite sex more than they are interested in not being interested about their own gender?!?). Congrats for speaking out!

Submitted by BruceW on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 15:35.

Well, there are people that are heterosexual/homosexual romantic and asexual, so it is not completely incorrect. It simply means that they have a drive for being romantic with somebody, but not having sex with them.
But not every asexual have preferences like that. Some are aromantic as well, having no wish to participate in any romantic behaviour at all.
But I was asexual as long as I remember (I just never realized it). I become aromantic only in the last years. It is not the same thing.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 18:12.

Hello Aviva,
I discovered your writings couple of hours ago and now I’m so much hooked to your contents.
Masturbation is a common phenomena, there is no denying to it. Until we find a partner we all masturbate. However, some continue to masturbate even they have partners. I have read about asexuality before, but not from the one who is asexual. You really are brave to admit this,lot of people do not admit their sexual orientation. I believe there is nothing wrong to have orientation different to so called normal people.

Submitted by Vinaya Ghimire on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 09:15.

I wish I could say I am brave, but I don’t really think that this article shows my bravery. I got just so used to explaining the concept to people, that I found it natural.
After all, do you realize how many times men think, that I am interested in them sexually, just because I am talking to them? Even if they were the ones starting the conversations.
But there is a way to try and predict that in advance. The more they complement me, even when I ask them to stop, the more possibility for that to happens. It is really interesting, when I declared to them, that I am asexual.

Thank you fro liking my writing.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 18:13.

I truly do love this post because being Asexual is truly something to be proud of. It is beautiful. We have an entirely different thought process regarding sex that a lot of people do not understand or relate to.

I was told that it is not normal to not have any nature,or that something had to be wrong somewhere by a chosen few. I had just paid that nonsense no attention.

I had been this way all of my life. It is who I am and I was definitely born this way for a reason.

When one is confident and proud within them self and within who they are there is nothing that anyone can do to change that. No one will ever be able to discourage them or to make them doubt.

Asexuality needs to be put more out into the open and accepted.Your article will be inspiring to those in particular.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 07:53.

Thank you for you kind words, Latoya. I am proud of it now, but in the past not knowing about it put me into the feeling of insecurity. That is why I try to explain the concept to everybody asking or misunderstanding my stance. I also do not mind declaring myself as such, when asked.

I really hope that you are right about your opinion in my article. As long as it help at least one person accept that part of himself/herself, I am going to declare this article a success.

And you put the bar really high. I read the article about asexuality on your site (the link in your article) and I know, that my article does not reach that standard. But it is another piece in bringing awareness to the public.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 09:03.

520775_dutch_flowersAnd here is Aviva’s article posted on 05/10/2013 titled “How I Realized, That I Am Asexual”

( I have read other articles of her’s on different subjects. She is a good writer with her own good, interesting, and reasonable viewpoints and I totally agree with her how it is beneficial to gather the opinions of others-whether we agree with them or not-to learn and to sometimes maybe understand the different levels and where certain people are coming from.

Anyway, that is what life is. Knowing, being a part of, and experiencing all of what is out there and that is going on out there within our world. We have to live, discover, analyze, stay alert, and keep on moving ahead):

How I Realized, That I Am Asexual:

Asexual. The word, most of the people I met had never heard of before. Some of them understand it just by hearing it, but some of them do not.

When the people talk about sexuality, the mostly divide people into three groups: heterosexuals, bisexual and homosexuals. I usually do not see the word asexual even mentions. It is true, that by statistics, we represent only 1% of the world, but we are still people, that do not want to be excluded.

I struggled with my identity for a while. When I was 17 years old, I suddenly realized, a lot of people around me watch porn and masturbate. Some of them talked about their sexual life.

I was unable to participate in the discussion, as up to that moment, I didn’t try any of that stuff. I just wasn’t interested.

But I am a person, who wants to try everything for herself. So I tried watching porn, but I found it boring. I started to read stories with erotic scenes in it, but after a while I realized, that I enjoy the plot, if there was any, and I usually skimmed the rest of it, since it was not interesting to me.

I tried masturbating, but I didn’t feel anything. I could get some sort of body reaction, but it seemed pointless. I even tried it with a person, when opportunity presented itself, but it felt hollow and completely pointless.

But still, I was little lost. I didn’t feel into any definition, that I knew. Since biologically, I would have to feel the need to do it, but I didn’t. I felt like my biology was not normal.

Then one day I read the word asexual on the internet. I was so intrigued, that I started to look around to learn more about it.

I finally find out, that I biologically, there was nothing wrong with me. Or there was a lot of people, that had something wrong with them.

I came in term with it in a moment. I finally felt right.

I am proud to be asexual and I am not ashamed to admit it. But sometimes I feel, like people would need to be exposed to that concept just a little more.

After all, we hear about all the other preferences a lot, but this one.


1227444-200They keep coming to my blogs to be nosy yet some are intrigued (quite a few). About two are subscribers of my blogs (they are affiliated with one another). I know everything that they are up to and that they are trying to do.

“Steal” is one of course. My information, my words, my writing style, and also my distinct modes of expression (for their low-grade boring uninspiring literature and other so-called rip off creations) by mere communication to others out of envy an jealousy (using my style of worded expression), and also to just appear more authentic.

They also want and try to analyze (but believe me their brains are not equip enough to expand that far even though they may believe that they are actually smart-I know better).

However, there is only one Latoya. And I do give warning-keep coming endeavoring to fuck with my shit and i’ll guarantee that you are going to get more shit in return! The universe and karma will take care of that!

Their lives are already miserable as they have no life.

They have no talent, no nothing. Absolutely nothing at all going on for themselves so they try to take and steal from others in order to succeed. And then they want and expect to receive praise and credit for accomplishments that they are nowhere near capable of. They need people to use so that they can make money off of them.

They may be able to fool some (the easy prey, weak-minded, gullible, and easily influenced-whether it is by lack of intuition, lack of experience, or just sheer stupidity) however, everyone is not so oblivious.

I have never been a fool and always able to see beyond. I never reveal everything and in incidents with perpetrators I give them enough rope to hang their selves with their lies, innuendoes (their implications and paranoia dredged up from their own identifications within their own guilt) and games.

Statistics are just small examples, I hold way more proof in more detailed ways than one. So I just sit back and watch them masquerade and indulge in their illusion and delusions while all along knowing their predicaments and outcomes which they can never really and actually see for themselves until sometimes when it is too late.

So Nice, I Just Had To Share/An Accurate Message

In metaphysical terms, Latoya, it sounds like you joined with your Higher Self. Power to you! From here on out stay the course and retain your inner purity. Dare to be different from those around you, permit yoursself to feel aloof of all wickedness around you, and befriend those who understand you, and love you for who you are.

Submitted by sentanaries on Wed, 06/12/2013 – 10:27.

file0001799398100Such a positive and well comprehended statement. Thank you. Love the encouragement. And of course, I will!

Submitted by LaToya on Wed, 06/12/2013 – 21:09.

This was a comment left to me regarding my personal post “Peace, Power, Purity, And Protection” that I had responded to.

It was so beautifully and accurately interpreted. I was always connected to my higher self, however, as I get older the association continues to grow even deeper. Allowing me to step into further heights of dimension at the levels that I am suppose to take at specific periods according to my nature and/or to the relevance of whatever circumstance that inspires to occur in particular.

When one is on a higher spiritual plane they are and do become intensely/extremely more and more unaffected by any negativity or nonsense that they are surrounded by (that is my experience, how I have always been).

I advise all and anyone who is able to relate to my commenter’s words to take them all as a vital source of genuine inspiration.

Peace, Power, Purity, And Protection

_fantail_1A while back as I was taking a nice hot shower a vision had appeared to me.

The vision regarded my present state then and now.

Three healthy white doves were rapidly flapping their wings straight above my head.

It was such a beautiful sight.

My peace and protection was gorgeously attached to me as I was graciously blessed by thee.

No one gave it to me and no one can take it away from me. The love, power, and guidance of my Orishas. The love, power, and guidance from my ancestors.

The purity of the mind, the purity that is within the spirit may it never be violated nor tarnished through any infiltration.  I will never yield to coerce. It is emphatically impossible.

The love and loyalty between all of us is far too strong for any mode of defilement to ever intervene.

When one is truly good in character or spirit (although none of us are perfect) they receive goodness in return. With blessings come responsibility. An obligation to one’s self to live in accordance to the most befitting and glorifying ways unto their own distinct nature and existence.

Acting out of character (whatever that may be/and however that may be defined) serves as a reproach to the very state of well-being.

Our experiences and realities verify who we are and where we stand. There are many sources of power and there are many sources of protection. Peace and purity starts from within and then exudes from without.

One has to find there own specific destination and road.

There is a distinct beauty that is within peace. Everyone does not have peace. Everyone cannot find peace. There is a distinct beauty that is within being pure. Everybody does not have purity. Everybody cannot maintain a purity.

There is a distinct energy that is within power. Everyone does not have power. Everyone is not able to generate power. There is a distinct energy that is within protection. Everybody does not have protection. Everybody is not able to handle a protection.



1416564_stairs_bergen_aan_zeeTime is precious. Before we know it our valuable moments quickly pass us by.

I cannot express enough how important it is to cherish the significant periods within our lifetime.

We will never get them back.

There are lots of wonderful memories to reminisce and to look back on. Times of love, times of bonding, times of epiphanies, times of change.

Yet there is the here and now.

As we grow older we look back to make examinations about the past and the present. Whether some of the experiences that we may have had were of a negative or of a positive nature-for those who are mature we’ve learned, we’ve grown, and we’ve maintained from them.

Now using our knowledge, strength, and confidence we are to partially serve to influence our futures.

Life is way too short to spend time being unhappy and wasting time on things that are not productive. Or wasting time being in predicaments and/or doing things that one does not really want to do.

Some people unfortunately have no other choice but there are alternatives that many can make even if it is just about making small minor adjustments that may lead to further opportunities toward chance.

I am at a place where I entertain contentment.

I have sacrificed by leaving certain situations to faith and I have reaped propitious reward. I have the time that I need all to myself.

Much time to be alone. Much time to not be bothered with the things that I cannot and will not tolerate.

I have solitude.

In my secluded areas there is absolutely no room for frivolity or negativity. I have time to think. Time to be.  Time for me. Time to enjoy the uninterrupted positively charged energies.

It is very unhealthy spiritually for me to be around specific types of people.

Just like our minds and bodies need care we also need to nurture our spirits. A sufficient amount of reclusiveness is the remedy for a many of conflicting spiritual ailments and disturbances.

A solitary being, isolated from the things in which is considered foreign to me. In my secluded areas, I live. I laugh. I write. I read. I enjoy music. I enjoy film. I have fun.

Even when I go out to trot about amongst the world I take into the pleasures that arise from the peace that only comes from within.

Everyone has their own method of rejuvenation and sustainment.

And even though we all are on this earth for a very short and temporary time-span before we make our particular transitions to the other sides of the realm there are still those stages that need to be determined, planned, and accomplished right between here.

My Inclusion Of Seclusion:

Just because I am alone does not make me lonely. Just because I have a sharp tongue does not make me angry.

When I speak the truth do not tell me that I am mean. When I speak my knowledge do not tell me that I am too judgmental.

Give me my place, a remote area where I can breathe. Give me my home, an area where I can bare all of my nakedness in.

Give me my own due solitude because everyone surely does not need or desire the company of others all of the time.-Miss LaToya

Silence Is Golden

-porch-viewsRemaining silent in certain instances does not mean that one is uninformed about a particular circumstance or situation.

One does not have to make known everything that they are aware of or everything that they do.

Sometimes it is wiser to stay quiet.

It is not always good to let others on to how much of what it is that you may know. Let them think what they want.

Let them be surprised, let them be shocked, let them be confused, let them be abashed, but never let them get into you!

Be natural, stay real, play it cool, yet don’t be anybody’s fool.

Less is more when it comes down to specific areas.

I know the true meaning of a “thing” (whatever that may be) that is too gorgeous to share with the rest of the world or with just anybody.

Certain things are just for our selves, our own private times, our own personal growth, our own personal space.

Some subjects are not worth mentioning or are not even worth talking about.

There are people out there in the world who mistake quietness for darkness. A person who keeps a hush does not necessarily mean that they are kept in the dark.

The quiet people are usually the ones to observe and to attentively take everything in.

There are those who tend to speak more than they listen. And there are those who speak so much that they do not really know what they are talking about.

There is often a mystery in silence. Yet in being silent there is sometimes so much more that can actually be said than of what would have otherwise been discovered.

It can go either way depending on the circumstance or the situation.

As open as I may seem I have never revealed the many interesting, serious, and beautiful experiences of my existence. I go only as far as spirit will let and allow me to. And that is a very logical and reasonable mode of honor and respect that is granted unto me.

I can give of myself without giving all of my self away. There are parts of me that I get to save, recognize, and to keep without violating any of what may be sacred.

Some acknowledgements are for the here and now. Some are for the future to come in do time. Some acknowledgements get delayed. Some are just there to be left unsaid.

What better is there though to acknowledge what is hidden down into the depths of a silence that speaks with much wisdom?

The quieter that one is and becomes the more they are able to hear and to interpret the silent voices and expressions of truth.