Silence Is Golden


-porch-viewsRemaining silent in certain instances does not mean that one is uninformed about a particular circumstance or situation.

One does not have to make known everything that they are aware of or everything that they do.

Sometimes it is wiser to stay quiet.

It is not always good to let others on to how much of what it is that you may know. Let them think what they want.

Let them be surprised, let them be shocked, let them be confused, let them be abashed, but never let them get into you!

Be natural, stay real, play it cool, yet don’t be anybody’s fool.

Less is more when it comes down to specific areas.

I know the true meaning of a “thing” (whatever that may be) that is too gorgeous to share with the rest of the world or with just anybody.

Certain things are just for our selves, our own private times, our own personal growth, our own personal space.

Some subjects are not worth mentioning or are not even worth talking about.

There are people out there in the world who mistake quietness for darkness. A person who keeps a hush does not necessarily mean that they are kept in the dark.

The quiet people are usually the ones to observe and to attentively take everything in.

There are those who tend to speak more than they listen. And there are those who speak so much that they do not really know what they are talking about.

There is often a mystery in silence. Yet in being silent there is sometimes so much more that can actually be said than of what would have otherwise been discovered.

It can go either way depending on the circumstance or the situation.

As open as I may seem I have never revealed the many interesting, serious, and beautiful experiences of my existence. I go only as far as spirit will let and allow me to. And that is a very logical and reasonable mode of honor and respect that is granted unto me.

I can give of myself without giving all of my self away. There are parts of me that I get to save, recognize, and to keep without violating any of what may be sacred.

Some acknowledgements are for the here and now. Some are for the future to come in do time. Some acknowledgements get delayed. Some are just there to be left unsaid.

What better is there though to acknowledge what is hidden down into the depths of a silence that speaks with much wisdom?

The quieter that one is and becomes the more they are able to hear and to interpret the silent voices and expressions of truth.





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