A Powerful Light That Shines Far Away From The Darkness

435922-200It is deep but everyday I gather information through my empathic ability. It can sometimes be overwhelming to “feel” the many different things from day to day, however, I cannot complain because the condition is very vital for the existence of my life as well as the many circumstances that evolve within and around it.

The severity of feeling can differ here and there depending on whatever factor. Numerous modes of energy and sensitivity often develops or comes about. Several different things will be felt back to back, altogether, or back and forth.

Although this in no way interprets a truce of any kind between my foes and I, my enemies wish that they had me on their side!

During the beginning of last week, I do not remember the exact day whether it was on Monday or Tuesday, is when I gathered this information along with other inclinations.

I bet they did not want me to know that!

They and what is around them cannot compare to my combination of brains and supernatural power.  And I do not at all feel flattered by their wishful thinking.

I am sure they could use a person of my skills, however, my skills were not meant for their path.

In and within the battle of good versus evil the good will always survive, prevail, and serve as the stronger more dynamic force.

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