Superstition?/Old Wives Tales?

515417-200Aside from the abilities of the caul and that come along with Extra Sensory Perception, there are the “ordinary” supernatural causalities that become enhanced by the gifts of clairvoyance.

If one’s right hand starts to itch does that really indicate that money is coming or will be received sometime soon or within the near future? From my own personal experience, yes indeed!

Now each and every individual is different and of course every time a distinct occurrence that is or that could be considered as an omen will not always coincide with what may be expected.

Sometimes a happening has other mysterious hidden meaning, or is just a natural function and stimulated reaction to something in specific or spontaneous.

Common or casual premonitions do not come to everyone in the same exact mode or form.

My mother’s ears burn when someone is talking about her. I sting and burn on the skin underneath my right eye when people are talking about me.

And my nose has occasionally itched when people have dropped by unexpectedly. A very distinct deep itch within the inside right nostril of my nose.

Now I do not and have never thought of the silly superstition regarding the day of “Friday the thirteenth” as being a particularly bad day of events, or negative omen in any fashion or another.

In fact i’ve always considered the number 13 to be a lucky number.

When using practical common sense and at the same time a very open mind one should be able to distinguish things out with reasonable forethought.

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