My Enlightening Musings Of The Early Day

678348-200Last night I did sleep good yet I awoke in the early hours of the morning before daybreak to the scorching heat that kept me quite uncomfortable and unable to get back to sleep right away (It is so hot in New York right now).

The fan felt good as it blew cool air back and forth toward my way.

I laid in my bed listening to the quiet of my room and absorbing the peace that was around me and that continuously surrounds my life.

My mind began to wander and I thought about how lucky and fortunate that I am to naturally be detached from any negativity and/or anything that would come into confliction with me and within my life.

When certain things come into my mind aside from just the normal here and there musings that everyone experiences there is usually a reason.

Sometimes a warning or an alert to keep me up to date with a situation that is taking place, or that is currently going on, or even an incident that may have already been going on. Any which way that is meant and served as a measure to inform.

( My signs were so right on cue for today as they usually are. There was a definite confirmation in detail that I will not share or mention)

I do not cater to and I do not have time for trivial matters and minds that attempt to provoke one due to their own personal insecurities and/or unresolved issues.

I am not an adult who takes steps back into childhood to feed into nonsense brought on by individuals who cannot get their way and who cannot gain satisfaction through spite. I didn’t have time for that shit back then.

I am glad that I have never been the type to scare easily or to back down from a matter or a confrontation if the circumstance had merit and was in my opinion worth the while for whatever reason that may be for whatsoever.

I have never been the type who needed other people or a group of people to back me up in order to fight my own battles. I do not gather courage from others and have never feared or took anyone else seriously who did.

There is nothing wrong with people joining together to ignite some controversy or a defeat for a good cause. However, if those same people individually could not stand alone-then do not stand at all, especially against me.

I will not be fazed. Either way I still could care less.

1193255-200I have a mind that cannot be manipulated. A strong spirit that cannot be broken. And I have a character that cannot be tampered with.

I am good, I have no serious problems in life. And I darn sure am not going to let anyone make any silly and unnecessary problems that derive from the imbecile mentality.

I thank my lucky stars that I have never been the gullible type, falling for the games that the ignorant have tried to set before me.

I was always on a higher level. And I will always continue to think upon that particular level.

When things are going on good in one’s life and certain others’s are struggling with their misfortunes, and are down and defeated by their own shenanigans they sometimes want company.

Their actions tell the whole dreary story!

They want to see others in their same predicaments or worse, and walking around in their tore up and decrepit shoes.

I say no thank you. You can have and keep all your miseries all to yourself.

I never did care and would not start to care now about who does not or who will not like me, or approve of my stances, facts, knowledge, and/or beliefs and what so have you.

Nobody’s thoughts or words will ever have an affect on me or change my ways, modes of  thought, being, and state of existence.

Any asshole that is looking for a premeditated rise out of me surely will not get one.

Mad about that? Mad about the fact that I am unaffected, unfazed, and do not care? So want to send some one else (or a few others) to do the dirty work?

So funny. So Sad. So will not work!!!

It is very wise to stay alert, but to also ignore, and to let and allow the tortured people to battle a fight that they create within themselves in vain.

As one continues to dismiss them by going on with their own day to day life they’ll eventually get tired and then further worn out. Remember, it takes two to argue, and only one to walk away!

Who is and will be the one continuing to stand as the fool?!