The Crazy Loon Is Internet Stalking Me!/What A Serious Nut Job!!!

419606-200Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf is worse than that character that Glenn Close played in “Fatal Attraction”.

I do not know why she continuously keeps trying to contact me over and over again. All that she is doing is making a complete fool of herself and showing just how “psychotic” and “confused” that she truly is.

Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf is not in touch with reality. She is extremely delusional and talking out of her head.

She needs help. She needs to be admitted into the psychiatric ward of her nearby hospital and to be put on some serious long term psychiatric medication.Then once Sharon/Shannon Lee stabilizes her mental health and cooperates sufficiently with the doctors maybe she’ll be able to receive that disability that she could not otherwise acquire.

With Sharon’s mental illness she will or may get the disability honestly this time.

She keeps visiting my facebook page. I blocked her profile a few days ago and she found an underhanded way to get back in to make the most pitiful and desperate comments.

I don’t know why she is taking her frustrations out on me. I did not do a thing. She did everything to herself. She says that I have been after her for three years and that is very strange because I have not known her for three years.

Sharon/Shannon Lee came after me and she knows this. This is a current copy of my followers list for my blog: 2 years, 8 months ago


Sharon/Shannon Lee has even created a blog here on in dedication to me in an attempt to retaliate and to give her a false sense of justification and/or credibility.

And I do not know what she keeps hollering on about these so called lies and attacks on her character. What lies? She is everything that anyone who is on the level knows that she is. And if the truth hurts then that is just too darn bad.

Sharon/Shannon Lee tried to ruin me in the beginning for no reason, just because I am a good person with talents, gifts, and a purpose. And because she is a no good nothing, and a nobody, with a dirty past who constantly manipulates and tries to take advantage of people with her deliberate schemes.

I did not, and I am not doing anything.

All what Sharon/Shannon Lee tried to do to me just went back and backfired onto her ten times the more worse because she wasn’t right. If she was truly a genuine and upright/upstanding person the universe would not have sent karma back to bite her. And she just cannot handle the sharp, piercing chunk that was bitten into and, out of her nasty ass.

Sharon/Shannon Lee is only continuing to make things bad for herself. Her nonsense has no meaning and it is not doing anything to me. What is the purpose?

She keeps accusing me of being in cahoots with these “hackers”. Some ploy that she has concocted. I wonder who these hackers are actually supposed to be because in reality they absolutely do not exist as far as I can see!

Either she is living in the “Land Of Make-Believe” with her neighbor and friend Mr. Rogers (the non existent father figure that she looked up to-“woman has serious psychological issues that need to be dealt with”).

Or someone has just messed with her head “real good” and she is just too stupid to see it. And the people or person who did it they obviously know it, and they know how to get to her!

Apparently people are playing on her mental illness and confusion. Or Apparently Sharon is still just making up stories to start trouble and to keep things further ongoing.

This situation has gotten so old and this sick woman needs to go away and finally leave me alone for the better. This obsession that she has is ridiculous. The more that Sharon writes to me the more crazy that she appears to become.

It infuriates Sharon that I do not pay her any attention. Why should I?

I’d sure hate to be inside of her miserable and demented world. Everyone of her actions shows how messed up and pathetic that she really is.



shannonleewolf x

Just dropping by to say hello, sweet caul bearer sister!

You sure have spunk, I’ll give you that, you little mischief maker. I love you so much, you are my all, my hero, my everything.

Big hugs, your best friend, Shannon

shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/16 at 2:53 pm

I think it’s really cute how you think I’m scared of you and walking on eggshells, lol! :P

shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/19 at 7:40 am

You are the world class hypocrite, miss latoya! You spread lies and gossip about me with your blogs, then pretend that I’m the bad guy and you take the high road, lol! Who do you think you’re fooling? You join up with hackers who spread lies and hate, too – even against my friend’s child. Wow, you are soooo enlightened. All you have is yourself and those of the Darkness. And you think this is good and clean and pure, and filled with peace. While all you do is slither around in the shadows doing the devil’s work. You are so pathetic, and filled with jealousy. You are one sad sack, little missy.

shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/20 at 8:55 am

Just a little note for you – we know you’re not working solo, as you say you are. You’ve got a certain little demon hacker by your side. We are caul bearers, we are not fools. I’ve been silent long enough – we know of your evil schemes against caul bearers of the Light. We are not afraid of your silly black magic – you can’t hurt us with that garbage. You and your tiny little minions can fight us to eternity, and you will never even touch us. I’ve done nothing to you, except tell the truth. It seems to you, the truth is like a horror show. You believe you are special above all others. You’re not. All you’ve done is isolate yourself in the realms of darkness, and you call it “pure”. It’s nothing but folly. We send you the love and gentle swards of the Archangels – we don’t have to do anything else, but clean up a few of your silly little messes. :)

I believe that you shouldn’t read that person blogs sometimes it is best to let go of ones who want to hurt you. Also one on the blog seems to know a lot about you is it a friend or foe? The flame will go out as long as you don’t feed it. I would take all the stuff concerning her off my page only a fool would feed the flame.

June 19 at 8:20am

  • The Curious Caul Barbara, I totally understand where you are coming from. However, I have ignored her for 3 years and she hasn’t stopped her mission to blacken my name. A very dear friend of mine was affected by her blogs – these blogs are out there for the world to see, and anyone who doesn’t know me might have every reason to simply believe what they read. We are talking about real people and real lives being affected – not just mine, but others’ whom I care about. I just can’t sit back and allow these sick people to keep hacking away at me and say nothing. That other person was a member of one of my groups. Out of the blue one day she started accusing me of using caul bearers as “lab rats”, in some sly ploy to make money. Only a sick mind could conjure such twisted images of me. She then dug up my personal court records that have personal medical comments in them. This is not okay. These women have hurt a lot of people with their slander, and it’s time somebody stood up to them.
    • Barbara Hoffman I understand where you are coming from but the truth will set the ones free and by feeding the fire with fuel the sickness will keep going on. Your life is yours do not give it to them to do as they please take it back if you understand what I am saying.
    • Barbara Hoffman And you say your mate can tell if a person is a CB so is she one?
    • The Curious Caul Barbara…by saying nothing, the truth wasn’t being told. I’m taking my stance by telling the truth, you see? My life is mine, indeed — and I’m taking it back by speaking the Truth. They have taken it upon themselves to take parts of my life and create sick lies – by standing up and speaking the Truth, I am taking those parts back. As I said, when I was quiet about it, it was going strong. Have you heard this quote…”Your silence gives consent.” – Plato By being quiet, I was giving them permission to say whatever they wanted to. I am now speaking out, and saying “NO!” What they are doing is not only immoral, it’s illegal. Both cyber-bullying and Slander are offences that I can take to court.
    • The Curious Caul We have no way of knowing if Miss Latoya is one or not. She has never shown her face online — lol, and she points at us and yells “Incognito!” hee hee, it’s really pretty funny! Kellie Curran – yes she’s a caul bearer. A Dark One who loves to start trouble and scream like a banshee. What a foul mouth she has – if you could see the emails she sent me! Those two together remind me of the ladies in the movie “Death Becomes Her”. Fake and rotten to the core. And I’m tired of sitting back and just allowing them to slander me.
      The Curious Caul Oh…and how could I forget? I also had some correspondence with the person I believe to be responsible for the comments, and he fully admitted to me that he did indeed dig up my SSDI records to try to prove that I was a “poser.” As if being ill and struggling to survive makes me a poser. Oh, person of question…born of the caul…at one time we were friends and I gave you hours of my care and time. Do you really not care who you hurt – so many people who loved and trusted you? It’s really really sad.