Hanging Yourself With Your Own Rope/You Don’t Need Me!

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My nephew just posted this on my personal page…and it couldn’t have been more well-timed. Mr. Rogers was my father-figure growing up, as my father moved away and I never heard from him after my parent’s divorce when I was two yrs. old. I never felt worthy of Mr. Roger’s love and guidance…I always believed that he was talking to all of the other children, who were worthy. But how I loved him and still do. ♥

“Would you be my, would you be my, would you be my neighbor?”-Obviously Shannon Lee Wolf is very mentally and emotionally scarred and disturbed and I have absolutely no time for her or her unfortunate state and/or situation.

I have no type of sympathy or regard for Shannon whatsoever.

If She has no peace and happiness within her life and cannot find peace and contentment that is purely her own personal problem, however, it is impossible for her to steal away any of mine.

Nobody threatens me or will ever intimidate me.

Shannon Lee Wolf is a very stupid woman. She does not realize the things that she shows and reveals through her actions.

I say “More Power To You” for your blog about me-which I never go to read by the way (and all of the other pitiful and desperate things that you continue to do). She hurts no one but herself.

I am not inspired at all to know or at the least bit worried about anything that she has to write or say about me. I am not a weak person like she is.

Oh what a fool, the power that Shannon Lee Wolf gives to others!!! And the silly woman let’s everyone know it. She is easy to destroy.

This is Shannon’s latest stalking entry, it is so deep and all too sad the way that she is so preoccupied with me and my life.

I never understood why I had so much magnetism amongst the trash (the garbage type of people). Should I just stop my rant about them right now in this matter and just be flattered by their unwavering morbid envy and jealousy that they constantly entertain towards me? I think not.

Admiration or attention from them never serves to me as a compliment, it just shows that the more that they continue to come after me the more that I continue to stay and remain up at the top.
426572-200Little note:

This Shannon Lee Wolf situation is so obviously transparent. I do not know why she thinks that she can get her shit off through me. I am not the one to be played with. What a crazy, stupid, delusional bitch who has the weakest and the most corny “game” strategies.

In this day and age I do not even think the little children would fall for this stupid shit.

The bitch can keep suffering. This is my site I ain’t takin’ shit down!!! The truth is here to stay and it will always remain!

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Submitted on 2013/07/21 at 7:57 am

So, now you say I’m stalking you? Your hate blogs about me began 3 years ago – that is stalking. And you say you’ve never done anything to me? Maybe I’m just having my say after years of your slander and twisted lies. I’ve been quiet about them up until now. I’m tired of seeing your blogs about me on the internet. You’ve been contacted several times by Kellie Curran that her WordPress account was hacked, and that she didn’t write those awful comments about me on January 25th 2013, and all you did was block her. I believed that she had written them, but it wasn’t her after all. And yes, we know who it is. Do you want me to go public about that? And believe me, we know a whole lot about him. He is as evil as you are, maybe even worse.

You brag over and over how honest and truthful you are. But you are purely about vengeance – you ignore the truth and keep on with your efforts to make me look like the mentally ill one. Maybe if you deleted all of the hate blogs you’ve ever written about me, we could all have some peace again. Did you ever think of that?

And…if you blocked me from your FB page, it obviously didn’t take because I’m not blocked. It’s you who holds hands with and protect hackers, not me.