Call Me Occasionally Red And Oily, But Don’t Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful!


This is interesting and kind of silly, maybe even funny to some, but mostly sad in my opinion.

I am from African American and Native American bloodline with a little bit percentage of European mixture. I am not a dark skinned black. I am medium to light brown depending on the weather. During the summer I may get tanned a bit to a medium brown, but during the winter season my natural light brown color returns back to normal.

What I found strange is that amongst a few people within my lifetime I’ve come across those in particular who thought or assumed that my face may had been irritated, or that I was putting something on it just because my complexion was red in its appearance.

And I thought to myself, “Why? Just because I am a black person I cannot naturally turn red? It has to be considered a skin problem or a reaction to something that I may have done cosmetically?

A lady even once thought that I had applied a substance to my skin just because it was greasy due to the natural sometimes excessive oils and shine of my skin.

White people and people of a high yellow and light complexion are not the only ones to turn red.

I turn red sometimes when it is cold outside, my face and body turn red after washing with hot water, and sometimes during hormonal changes due to the menstrual cycle my skin turns sensitive and will turn red after washing my face with soap and remain that color through out the rest of the day. No big deal to me!

Beauty and health is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve always been very attractive and I have always had a pretty brown complexion that would heal and rejuvenate rather quickly. During my teenage years up until now I’d notice how rapidly my new skin cells would develop sometimes leaving my facial skin flaky and peeling which is a good thing as it is a natural process by the body to shed off old cells.

The flaking and peeling never lasts too long and happens here and there with me, and sometimes at a more rapid rate than normal. In return, there may be some dark patches of scales that result from the desquamation.

I have oily skin so I naturally repair with moisture and a youthful appearance. I love the way my skin is yet some ignorant people may assume or mistake a normal process from the body as a skin disorder.

If I had a normal discoloration or a mild temporary dark spot it was automatically assumed that it was from an eruption when in actuality my skin had never broken out at all. The only time I may get an eruption is during the menstrual cycle and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What manifests on the skin can have a lot to do with what is going on within the inside of the body as well as on the outside; many diseases and medical conditions are detected in that fashion with further evaluation.

Particular medications that people are on and that they take may also trigger an outwardly affect on their skin or extremities.

I never wore any type of make up and/or used any type of chemical facial beauty aids; I stay pure and original in every mode and form as I believe in the natural benefits, effects, and rewards of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from lack of knowledge, sometimes it is also a jealousy.

Some people like to pick and poke at other people to see if they can get a reaction out of them to cause them to have a complex and insecurity because they themselves have and suffer from a low self esteem and they do not have the self confidence that they so mostly envy in others.

They often put, and try to put their own hang ups and insecurities on certain other people and sometimes it does work on specific people depending on whether or not the individuals are weak-minded enough to fall for and to believe in the nonsense and the deceptive games .

Education is very important, and that is learned by one’s own experience and knowledge-in whatever and however manner that may be-which contributes to personal wisdom. It is sad how individuals get swayed by unreason and misdirected through trivial pursuits.

I had got curious and conducted one search on the internet regarding anyone who may had inquired about the “turning red” issue and came across a few, I copied and posted one below. It is not at all to me a heavy subject or anything serious to bring into attention but it is something to take into consideration and to keep in mind as a little food for thought.

Do black people blush or turn red?

I’m black and i blush
and if i scratch it dosent take long for that area to turn noticeable red
im not that light skinned
i was just wondering it other black or brown people blush because i was always told they don’t, well they do you just can’t see it.
and i know i’m not the only one

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You are absolutely correct. Darker skinned people flush just like pale people, it’s simply that the results are less visible.

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Kel answered 4 years ago
Everyone blushes or turns red. But due to the color a persons skin, sometimes it will not be very visible or noticable.

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