Occult Power



Aside from family members, friends, associates, neighbors, enemies, strangers, and whoever else people also need to watch out for the “posers” who claim to help the sufferers and people who are the unjustly objects of evil black magic.

Many practitioners camouflage themselves as good healers, always on the lookout for positive energy and positive souls to drain and to corrupt.

We live in a world that forever battles between the good and the evil. We cannot afford to be oblivious to the demonic intentions of those who cover themselves up with persuasive talk and false displays of character-Miss LaToya http://ladylatoya.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/some-of-the-associations-of-black-magic/

I have heard some other psychics and/or clairvoyants in the past impart how they were able to see or to read into the lives of many others but that they could never see as much in detail or into anything significant at all when it came down to digging into their own personal lives and concerns.

I am just the complete opposite when it comes into that department. I have always been able to see deep into my past, present, and future, as well as into the lives, thoughts, feelings, and utterances of others without even trying.

And it seemed that I could see or read more about what was going on around and within my own personal surroundings and into the things that concerned what was going on around and within my own life more than anything else!

The same thing went and still goes for me in regards to healing and grave (serious) spiritual work.

I have consulted and did work with other spiritual persons within the very distant past which had proved in some ways to be very helpful and beneficial and in other ways to serve both as a distinct warning and learning experience to further grasp and analyze.

I had discovered that I was way more naturally powerful in occult sufficiency than those that I had visited and dealt with and therefore obligated and fortunate enough to handle my own healing procedures that were especially conducted for my own personal spiritual growth and sustainment.

I work entirely alone with the great assistance of the universe, and energy is best and most uncontaminated in that way.

Just as there are the positive extra sensory perceptive energetic folk such as my self, there are also the negative demonic and degenerate folk who reside on the other side of the podium. And I surely stand innately divided as we do not mix, constantly within opposition as they are always in conflict against me and all that is right and truly good within a particular mode/fashion.

498101-200I have had a so called psychic and a few others who attempted to “help and heal” by their own ulterior methods. Healing and helping that I did not need, want, or ask for!

We all have our own free will, so if one approves of any specific special spiritual work done by a spiritual person then they are wittingly and willingly giving their own consent.

However, then there or those, and you have those in particular who will go behind one’s back to influence them, their life, and their surroundings and etc…,without their permission and knowledge-even when in their demented mind they considering it being helped or healed-to maintain a control over them. And that is indeed no other than a form of evil malicious devious black magic!

It is wrong to try to affect a person’s will through any type of underhanded manipulation.

The few who tried this with me I had to laugh harshly at, underestimating my ability to know and to pick up on what they were doing then underestimating my capacity to repel it.

Those individuals who knew that I would perceive or foresee at the same time tried to confuse my mind and weaken my senses to make me susceptible and vulnerable to their tactics of reconstruction.

It never worked out though. If anything, the black magic would eventually rebound along with the touches of my satisfying techniques of spiritual revenge!

There were even those spiritual workers who had initially intended to harm my aura and well-being but were unable to due to the powerful protective forces of the head Orisha and intelligent entities that governed around my illuminated spirit.

Instead they had and were forced to make amends by reprimand or else they would have to suffer the consequence of numerous perils.

How humiliating for them to have to bless me in replace of the many curses that they originally had designed!


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