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Aug1024x768From a young child up until my late teens I’d been a very loyal fan who vastly enjoyed collecting and reading many of the great, unique, and creative and entertainingly designed comic publication of the Archie series.

Betty and Me, Betty’s Diary, and Betty and Veronica, of course, was my immediate favorite volumes of selection as a young girl. I gathered a nice and endearing accumulation of wide range comic Digests, Double Digests, and Giant series magazines.

I loved all of the exciting and various cast of likable characters, stories, and intermittent strips that were included such as Moose & Midge, Dilton, Nancy, Chuck, Cheryl Blossom, Big Ethel, Reggie, Jughead, Hot Dog, Pop Tate, Miss Grundy, Mister Weatherbee, Coach Kleats, Archie Pals ‘n’ Gals, Archie And Me, Archie Andrews Where Are You?, the spectacular issues, the vacation issues, LiL Jinx, Sabrina the Witch, Josie and the Pussycats and so on! You name it, I had indulged in it!Jul1024x768

So long were those years ago since I would lie propped comfortably upon my bed with or without a snack and in a hypnotizing state of glee escaping into the delights of my favorite Riverdale world and neighborhood.

And now I cannot deny and am in no way ashamed to admit that in my late age thirties I have once again taken huge steps back into my past and into my explosive enthusiasm for my favorite comic book adventures of monumental depth and quality laughter. I enjoy and anticipate reading the Archie series now just as much as I did then if not so even more.

I could not imagine life without the big talents and inspirations behind this creation that has brought upon so much genuine happiness and amusement to the millions and millions.Jun1024x768

Two years ago I ordered and received my over four hundred pages of the Best of Archie volume one, last year I ordered volume two, this year I cannot wait to get my hands onto volume three!

Whenever I read and turn through the artistic styled pages of the Archie comic series I sense and feel the success and specialness of the publication, not only is the item an extremely fortunate invention but, a tool of positive stimulating energy and a encouraging source of productive motivation.

As one of my favorite childhood memories and one of my favorite adult hobbies the Archie’s comics will always be number one in my choice of classic and quality books!



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I am a genuine clairvoyant born with the caul/veil. And I am a natural born writer. I was born with second sight and have many intuitive gifts. I taste, smell, hear, see, feel and know things. I have strong, intense empathic and telepathic ability. I communicate with the dead. My life itself is a constant supernatural event as I experience these occurrences altogether on a daily basis. Music: I like all types of music My hobbies: writing, reading, my spirituality Turn ons: the truth, knowledge, intelligence Turn offs: ignorance, liars Books: true crime novels, particularly st Martin’s true crime library series

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