Strong Spirit


1440458-200True love, respect, strength, confidence, happiness and power comes from within-and no one can ever take that away from me!

When those in particular endeavor to stop me it only makes me more inspired and determined to succeed, and naturally without even trying -I do!

I am very special, lucky, and blessed-truly ahead of my time (A cut above the rest). I am a survivor who always wins and prevails against all evil and negativity.

My enemies have been trying very hard to overcome me but that is nothing new. They always try and they will always fail, they do not have the energy/power or ability to defeat me (I am the one who can and who is able, the one who possesses the capacity to destroy them all without a doubt).

For months now they have been working relentlessly on my mother since it is extremely hard and impossible for them to succeed in any way with their attempts at destroying and/or affecting me.

Their jealousy and inferiority is so very morbid and they are so eaten up by it. And they kill me how the many of them will in a heartbeat deny their absolute envious and jealous feelings of insecurity and desire by downgrading me when they are accused knowing darn well that they are enormously crippled and totally entangled by it.

They love to play head/mind games. They deny most of their actions to throw me off because they do not want me to know anything that is really and truly going on-but how could I not?

I was born with extrasensory perception. I’ve always been far ahead of them. I know what they will do before they even know it themselves!

They are not and never will become smarter than me.

They cannot measure up to me within skill/capability/aptitude, knowledge/intelligence/wisdom, spirituality/gifts/power.

My foes all want me badly. They all want me to go down to the shittiest of shits worse than they are.

My enemies are trying to use my mother as a puppet/rag doll, getting inside of her head to control and to infest her mind with the most severe of delusions caused by the demonic origins and effects of mental illness.

They were and are so jealous and envious of the relationship between my mother and I. Jealous of the extreme passionate love that she always had for me. They want to use her by the manipulation techniques of black magic as a weapon against me, thinking maybe that she could bring me down.

Those fools are so very mentally ill, misguided, and so very delusional themselves. They also believe in their own lies!

My enemies need a serious reality check! No one and I mean NO ONE can hurt me through my mother or anyone else for that matter. They cannot hurt me at all, they only continue to hurt themselves even if they cannot see it or realize it in the beginning or right away.

These sick demented and demonic assholes can never take away my strength/confidence and they definitely cannot deprive me of my spirituality.


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