Is miss lawerence sick?


Is miss lawerence sick?

This Website Question Just Could Be Geared Towards That Reality Show Star “Miss Lawrence” And Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Me-Nevertheless And Just In Case I Still Feel It Necessary To Speak My Peace In Regards To The Psychotic Assholes Who Do Wish That I Was As Twisted As They Actually Are (Certain Enemies Were Just Trying To Work Evil Black Magic On Me The Entire week Before Last-The Third Week Of June-. They Had Started On The Thursday Or Friday Before Around the 12th, Even So They Failed At Everything, All Attempts To Drain My Energy And To Drive Me Up A Wall To Lose My Mind And Flip Out).

Answers Do you know correct answer?

moma me | 20/06 2014 18:53

yes she is very sick, and twisted
The link to this web page can be found here :
I came across this bullshit yesterday. If I actually were sick and twisted why are these jealous bitches and bastards worried about it?!
If being genuinely smart, unique and unconventional with a high self respect is the new crazy-then I’ll be that loony/crazy mother fucker that inferior idiots cannot deal with because they are not on the level.
( If I ever was a drug addict or the type to have let men screw me and dog me out I’d be okay. But since I am not within that category-never having experimented with drugs and not being the type to go to bed with anyone as a part of my lifestyle I am targeted -Asexual is a part of who I am, what I was born as and what I will naturally remain. I am targeted for other things also but mainly because I never got messed up in life- as a person born of the caul I am spiritual and protected by birthright and guided by divine foundation).
I take no offense, though. It is deep just how important I still am and still continue to be to those who do not have a life, and to those who cannot bring me down.
(The disturbed people always call the sane sick when they are the actual ones who are twisted and lacking in quality)
It is both sad and very funny (I ignore and laugh at them all without pity).
Since I am a very intelligent woman with a very strong sense of self who cannot be manipulated, who is unable to be brainwashed and/or controlled, who is nowhere near the vulnerable type, who is strong and confident in her beliefs and abilities, and who does not fear anyone or anything, and one who cannot be ruined – I am set out by the retaliation amongst certain others to be considered as a “nut” because they failed at trying to scramble my mind with true insanity and incompetency?
Well I am flattered!
And welcome to the real world where people of substance, knowledge, and power do not back down! Only the strong survive.
To whoever and whatever: If you want to start a weak and obvious transparent campaign to attempt to tarnish or berate my persona go ahead and waste your time looking for assurance and validation from others because you cannot accept truth and reality.
It will not stop me from living or enjoying my life and it darn sure will not stop me from being me!

I never gave a fuck about what anybody had to say about me and I do not give a fuck about what anybody wants to think!

There are no apologies for who I am as I am very proud of myself. I love myself.
I am protected by truth and sustained by spirit, I have much peace and purity that comes from within and a strength, confidence, drive, and happiness that no one can take away. I am blessed-
                                                                                                          Sincerely Miss LaToya Lawrence

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  2. Wow, I don’t know why or how, I can totally relate to you and even see parallels.
    Up until a week ago I had never heard of the Caul or born with the Veil. A week ago a male got in my chair for a hair cut and explained breifly about what he knew of his Veil and told me he could read people and read me. Right in the beginning of his read I felt like I could cry, he went on and told me things that were positive and left me hopeful.
    Since then my curiosity has had me looking into the Caulberer leaving me with more questions like how is it I find that I have similar experiences with people of the Caul, am I Caul or what am I ?

    • Genuine caulbearers know one another, we can sense each other in specific ways. We are all different in certain modes and fashions in general, however, a true person born of the caul/veil is really very special, gifted, wise, and many do have great luck and supernatural power/ability.

      If you did not know from birth whether or not you were born with a caul/veil and indeed was-spirit will eventually let you know through the energy and vibrations of the universe by sending messages through particular things, signs, and/or people which strike up that positive alarm within yourself until it is vital ignition enough to gain your anxious attention when you are ready for the journey.

      Once you become aware, interested, open, and most importantly accepting of what and who you are you will notice the activation and extent that goes into the preparation of how much more knowledge, experiences, discoveries and things that will be gathered and revealed to you, for you, and by you.

      Just believe and keep seeking truth. Always remember that you can and will indeed be able to learn about yourself and capabilities (as well as special supernatural abilities in the spiritual sense) through other fellow gifted sources, however, never let yourself be defined by any other as you are unique. Identity lies within itself and may not manifest itself in the same likeness, forms and/or styles of what is often or most commonly recognized.

      I wish you the best!

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