Update: The Demonic Dunce Douchebags Strike Again

 1000376-200As always I was right up on it and right on point! I have to admit though even after all of these years and ever since childhood I still sometimes scare myself with how accurate I am. I will never understand why my enemies continue to endeavor numerous vain attempts against me because they never have worked, and I will forever be ahead of them!
When you are of a much better quality as a person in mind, body, spirit and you hurt one of their “own” kind and/or get the best of them they cannot handle it, so they all gather together to plot and to gang up on you. 
I’ve been going through this ever since childhood and I do not have to say a word nor do I desire to. I sit back and observe with wisdom as I have that “Brain Power”, that great supernatural ability. Without a doubt, and I guarantee that every one who has ever fucked with me in the past and in the present has suffered immensely in return. And the universe always allows me the pleasure of witnessing their fates in the process.
My Ancestors and Orishas and the powers that be laugh at these fools. I am special, I am not of these assholes (thank my lucky stars!). What do I care as I am unaffected by bullshit?
They want me to be bothered by what they say and do otherwise why would they do it? (Obviously in reality particular things are bothering them as they cannot deal with and accept truth) They want me to fight back and forth and defend myself regarding their phony/bogus statements. I am not the type though, I never fell for the games and it is easy to consistently recognize the set-ups that they do.
It does not faze me. It has absolutely nothing to do with me.
Their actions go straight back to them-literally. And I just continue to advance.
This is all so pathetic and strange how I always go on with my life no matter what never thinking or caring about them yet my enemies have nothing else to move on to but to continuing with thinking relentlessly about me. And not only is it showing on the internet it has been apparent for years registering through my clairvoyance and manifesting through life, and I am not by myself in knowing about this.
It has always been about their jealousy towards me and even a bit about my attitude since I despise and have no respect for their kind. And I do not give a fuck if the truth hurts and you refuse to admit it -You Mother Fuckers are ate up with jealousy and that is all to it!!! (This shit is big!)
They are all just mad because they lost their battle. They are not on the level. They are fucking weak-minded. They are all so tremendously dumb as they cannot see and do not know the things that are by nature beautifully designed, revealed to me and, that are and have continuously been taking place.
As always much love and respect goes out to my spiritual connections thank you so much for the knowledge ,the power, and the protection. You all have given me so much love and respect from the beginning til beyond.
This garbage all speaks for it’self (So stupid, and as I have said before all so transparent):
moma me | 20/06 2014 18:53

yes she is very sick, and twisted
Latisha | 01/07 2014 15:29

Miss Latoya jus a sorry ol security guard at jc penny ha ha! Who she think she is da Good Lord only know. she think evry 1 is jealus of her but why who know? She jus a sorry ol bag o bones who got no life. She obsess wit evrybody who got wat she dont got an dats a good soul. Da Good Lord hav mercy on her soul amen. Time has come dat da truth finnaly come out!
darlaG | 01/07 2014 15:20

all her blogs are talking sh** about this one and that one, plus I know shannon lee wolf and she is the nicest and most truthful person I’ve ever met. she would go out of her way for any caulbearer of the light and has helped me to grow spiritually with my caul. its all lies latoya tells. i agree that she is sick and is in serious need of help, i would suggest an exorcism to begin with. thank you for this question moma me.
LoveHeart | 15/07 2014 13:33

I agree with all of the answers above! Shannon Lee Wolf is a beautiful and loving soul and a real life caul bearer. Miss Lawrence is sick!! To say the lies she does about her! Shame on her!
Maya | 15/07 2014 13:40

She only hates Shannon because Shannon is the real deal she can only dream of being. Her blogs about her are sickening