Let It Go !

Fatt Lipp

I have read a bit of your posts, you ask people to tell you more about their situation, cant you see anything at all if your connected to the spirit world?, i not doubting you im  just asking.

899419-200No offense taken, and if you doubted me or not it would not make any difference to me. Another person’s doubt does not remove any truths (in other words it does not take anything away from me or anyone else in particular).

Your comment came just in time as it gave me inspiration for this post since your words express what had come to me supernaturally just days before through the energies that interact with me as a clairvoyant. I concurrently (everyday/every other day/on and on receive messages/information (about various matters/whatever that is going on) through my “spiritual antenna”.

Just because I am quiet about something or unaffected by it absolutely does not at all mean that I am not aware of it!

First of all, your comment doesn’t make any sense-it is completely false. I never always ask people to tell me more about their situation (I do not need to). If anything I may tell someone to be more specific in what they’re asking or referring to (in their address)  and so on, and that is completely plausible and has absolutely nothing to do with what I know, see, feel or hear.

Communication is very important and I am a very thorough person. Some people are not good at expressing themselves, some people say one thing and mean another, some people are just air heads and some are just assholes.

And, some of those commenters are phony and full of shit but I will answer if “spirit” moves me to because someone real will come along who may need the information so I always respond honestly, I don’t play games-I have no time for it!

In day to day life I sometimes just have to go along with the program and have to sometimes ask questions to things that I already know, everyone is not on the same wavelength and I do not like having to go down to someone else’s level in order to pacify a situation but that is how life is whether one likes it or not at times we have to make allowances.

You are referring to just one comment yet still it has nothing to do with divination. And many of us spiritual people pick up on and gather extra/further information and messages through touch, voice tone, words/literature, there are many different levels of psychic intuition all wrapped up into one.

What I honestly feel and sense is that what was written (the comment in which you responded to) in the comment was not appreciated. You see, I have a lot of enemies who had underestimated me and have taken many harsh blows of disappointment primarily because of the fact that they had made too many false assumptions and too many false generalizations about me and who and what I actually am and represent (and they are very scared now).

I instantly can read people correctly yet they cannot properly read me unless they are absolutely intelligent people of substance.

I have a lot of knowledge, and I know and always have known way much more than what I tend to lead on. I especially have always known the intentions and deeds of my enemies they just don’t want to quit because they are deeply disturbed and cannot accept truth (they are still working their negativity/voodoo trying to cause blockages and trying to cause insanity-neither of which will happen).

Just take that bitch Shannon Lee Wolf for instance (who still comes to my blog from time to time), who always tried to downplay me with her ludicrous and laughable lies and accusations of “ego” then recruited some of her flunkies to try to intimidate me-“Oh get serious!

M.W. | 29/07 2014 19:18

Nobody actually takes her seriously do they? Its so obvious that she is bi-polar, ranting and raving one minute then all blissed out on herself the next. Shannon Lee Wolf has no worries, because shes a true caul bearer and she never brags on herself, she only cares about others.https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2014/07/20/update-the-demonic-dunce-douchebags-strike-again/
What was really strange is the lie they made up about me being a security guard as I have never ever worked in security in my life. I do have a certificate in security and fireguard yet never actually had a job within the field. There is nothing wrong with people who actually do that job yet the lies that they have made up and tend to make up get more and more silly and desperate.
1403783-200I have many self comments yet I cannot list them all and do not desire to but here is the comment you responded to along with others (comments are copied in the 0rder of the dates) which clearly answer for themselves and you already know this so do me a favor and just let the bullshit rest.


I Am A Spiritual Person So I Was Never Affected The Way That Most People In General Are. I’ve Never Had All Of The Symptoms Listed In This Post. Those Are Just A Number Of Symptoms That Affect Many Different People Who Are Crossed Up Or Who Are Being Attacked.

My Problems Were Resolved A Very Long Time Ago. However, My Problems Started When I Was Seven Years Of Age By Jealous Family Members And Jealous People On The Outside.

Voodoo/Black Magic Has Never Been Able To Affect My Mind. It Does Not Work On Me.

I Am Extremely Sensitive Spiritually So I Feel A Lot Of Things Physically That Try To Take Over But It Never Lasts. It Goes Straight Back To The Sender In Some Form Or Fashion.I Have A Very Special Ability And I Know How To Protect Myself And Counteract It.

I Have Enemies All Of The Time Trying To Cross Me Up And Work Many Evils Against Me And Towards My Way, But They’re Just Wasting Their Time. They Cannot Touch Me.

The Only Way That Black Magic Had Affected My Life In The Past Is By Those In Particular Who Tried To Block My Career Opportunities And Tried To Ruin My Reputation Because They Were Always Jealous Of My Character And Didn’t Like My Attitude (I Never Cared What Anybody Thought Anyhow So It Did Not Faze Me), But In Reality Nobody Can Destroy Me, Otherwise I’ve Been Just Fine.

Explain To Me More About What Is Going On With You In Detail And We’ll See What Can Be Done About It If You Are Interested, Okay?

Submitted on 2014/11/28 at 2:27 pm | In reply to Dasigan Govender.

What type of Indian? I am Native American And African American with some European ancestry. My grandfather was 100% “Cherokee” Indian. My Mother’s grandmother on her mother’s side was 100% native American. My great grandmother on my mother’s father’s side was “black foot” Indian. It just goes on and on through out all and both sides of my families and I’ve seen all of the pictures and photo’s that go way back to the south from my relatives.

Indians are very spiritual people by nature and that is a great part of where my spirituality originates from aside from my “African” roots. I am very strong and rich in culture by nature. And that may be possibly what is following you, your “roots”. Race is irrelevant when it comes to having gifts, however, our ethnicity and culture have an impact on what is bestowed down to us through our heritage/lineage yet we all can relate in different, similar, but significant ways.

Now back to you and what you have spoken of, if your mind is not of the average you should be proud and embrace your exceptionality. The more you acknowledge, embrace and accept yourself as a spiritual person with ability the more your gifts of purpose will manifest and reveal. You do not find your calling, your calling finds you! Your calling is you, you just may not have discovered or realized it yet.

And what you “know for certain” is already “backed up” that is why it is revealed unto you. It is not about having to prove what you know to others but about you being special enough for “divine spirit” (whatever that may be defined for you, depending on what you believe or believe in) to prove/confirm to you what you know is real in a world of many untruths, misconceptions, brain washing, corruptions and so on. There are people who will never come to discern and comprehend what you discover through out your journey.

You have to believe in yourself enough and to meditate if you need to validate (back up) for yourself what you feel so sure of. Confidence is key! We may all get a little stumped at times but our little tangles always get resolved during our paths to reasoning when you truly have faith.

Your peace of mind comes with self love, self respect, confidence, and strength within who you are and know yourself to be. If you are exceptional within the mind use that power. Knowledge is indeed power!

P.S. (Your mom was right on to tell you to draw what you saw. I often wrote down what I saw or dreamed. I admire the gifts of drawing, I wish I could draw it is a beautiful talent, but I was gifted in writing so what the hell! I wish you good luck!)

Submitted on 2014/10/29 at 10:43 am | In reply to Sarah ilyas.

It all depends on the circumstances. The effects of Black Magic done on a person can appear gradually or suddenly depending on the situation and the individual, how the spell was conducted, the cooperation of particular dimensions and realms of the universe along with the other elements and factors that may be involved.

In some cases a person may not be affected by Black Magic at all, however, they can feel the evil (negative energy) around them and discern every intention that is suppose to manifest and may have to fight back through the warnings granted by divine spiritual shields and numerous intangible elevating protections.

Submitted on 2014/10/16 at 11:05 am | In reply to charles leary.

Many of us are greatly misunderstood and misjudged. To a lot of people what we go through and can often deal with through out daily life would appear as a load of fiction, opinion, or just mere craziness to the uninformed and unbelievers.

What information are you looking for in particular? Be specific.

Submitted on 2014/10/16 at 10:55 am | In reply to Gerri Pietromonaco.

Hello Violet, I know of specific/particular en caul births where certain people were born with the caul all over their entire body who by nature became full fledged psychics. And I have been aware of this for many years as this fact has taken place back in the south many decades ago, there is no doubt about it! The gift of the caul can of course be passed down to men folk but it is mostly a bestowal that is granted throughout the female generations.

I would never doubt your knowledge or be harsh with you, you know what your experience is and no one can tell you any different-trust me I am very open minded. I know what is possible from my own personal and professional experiences. And you are correct true rare people born of the caul according to their each own unique blessings are indeed touched like no other and you have every right to profess that without criticism because it is the truth (many people cannot properly conceive certain truths or even deal with truth at all for that matter).

And also, anyone in their right mind should not mess with a true person born of the caul the power is beautifully dangerous!

If you ever feel the need to reach out to someone else who understands and who could possibly offer you further assistance and insight you are very welcome to contact me. I only deal with people who are real, it is always conducive to exchange knowledge and ideas for our never-ending potential growth and awareness.

You have a great, beautiful day also!

Sincerely LaToya

Submitted on 2014/10/12 at 4:04 pm | In reply to willie c. leary.

What in particular-regarding the gifts and/or experiences of the caul-are the things that you need information on?

Submitted on 2014/08/04 at 12:22 am | In reply to Renee Simpson.

Thank you. When you are sincere and genuine and of substance truth will always find you. You just have to listen and know when to hear.

That is great that you’d love to learn further about the beauty of ancestral spirituality and the universe. It is so real and very gorgeous (my other way of saying beautiful).

Submitted on 2014/07/30 at 6:59 pm | In reply to joy.

If you feel that you’ve been crossed up get that shit removed. See if you can find someone that you can trust if you are unable to remove the evil yourself. Be very careful in seeking out help though because there are many evil and phony people out in the world who will try to take advantage of you money-wise and/or spiritual-wise.

There are not too many trustworthy people out there who mean you well (speaking in general) in regards to this situation. They are out there but very hard to come by so be cautious, you do not want anybody to make matters worse.

Submitted on 2014/07/30 at 6:48 pm | In reply to Anon.

You tickled me (made me laugh) because I truly understand about wanting to whip anybody’s ass who would work or even attempt to try to work evil voodoo magic towards or against me because I was always an ass-kicker ever since childhood! And I never lost a fight because I was never one to start one.

You are purely justified in your feelings and even if you acted upon them, however, it may not always be the wise thing to do in this day and age as you may get into serious trouble by going to jail for garbage people who aren’t even worth it-then you would really be wanting to kill up a few!

If you desire you could send me a private message regarding more in detail of your situation and I could give you relevant feedback and solutions or if you choose have other commenters on this site possibly share their experiences with you and offer suggestions or advice to use for your better judgement depending on your situation.

In the meanwhile, I wish you good luck!

Submitted on 2014/07/09 at 2:00 pm | In reply to minet michel.

I am so glad that you’re okay and were stronger than your enemies and conquered. Every thing that you’ve mentioned and described is absolutely legitimate. Black Magic is definitely used to put false and manipulative thoughts inside the head (a form of mind control) in an effort to cause insanity or confusion, or both.

You were wise enough to recognize what was going on and I applaud you on that. Some of the motives and types of spells are to directly “weaken the senses”. There is no one specific name or category as certain spells are and can be used in combination with one another and other spells. Nevertheless, most of the times it is considered a “confusion spell”. A tactic to cause strife and confusion. To put confusion inside the mind by weakening your senses.

Also be aware, or do not forget that some of us as well as yourself may have the gift of Clairaudience-where one is able to hear spirits (even things going on within the spirit realm) and the thoughts of others and sounds and energy vibrations and so on that we may or may not always interpret right away. Just keep that in mind and meditate and use good judgement regarding what the voices of truth are compared to the lies that want to steer you away.

Keep resisting negativity and praying to who you believe in and you will continue to gain direction and be fine.

Submitted on 2014/07/06 at 1:54 pm | In reply to DeAnna.

Genuine caulbearers know one another, we can sense each other in specific ways. We are all different in certain modes and fashions in general, however, a true person born of the caul/veil is really very special, gifted, wise, and many do have great luck and supernatural power/ability.

If you did not know from birth whether or not you were born with a caul/veil and indeed was-spirit will eventually let you know through the energy and vibrations of the universe by sending messages through particular things, signs, and/or people which strike up that positive alarm within yourself until it is vital ignition enough to gain your anxious attention when you are ready for the journey.

Once you become aware, interested, open, and most importantly accepting of what and who you are you will notice the activation and extent that goes into the preparation of how much more knowledge, experiences, discoveries and things that will be gathered and revealed to you, for you, and by you.

Just believe and keep seeking truth. Always remember that you can and will indeed be able to learn about yourself and capabilities (as well as special supernatural abilities in the spiritual sense) through other fellow gifted sources, however, never let yourself be defined by any other as you are unique. Identity lies within itself and may not manifest itself in the same likeness, forms and/or styles of what is often or most commonly recognized.

I wish you the best!

Submitted on 2014/02/27 at 4:31 pm | In reply to Sonja.

Your comment was very silly and ignorant. First of all Shannon is not a real person born of the caul. You do not know the true definition of a caulbearer because if you did you would not have made that particular statement.

All caulbearers are not the same and all caulbeares are not of one another even though they may share similar experiences or abilities of whatever kind. No one can make all caulbearers look bad because a caulbearer is not defined by another person’s ignorant perception of what their characteristics should display within how they may express themselves.

If your heart is hurt that is of your own doing and if you are being brought down you are doing it to yourself. Take responsibility for your own personal problems and hang ups instead of blaming it on my blog or what I may have written.

Those who are like me with genuine power and insight who can see what other people cannot see are all so very rare in this day and age, unaffected by nonsense, extremely unconventional and they are not afraid of or fooled by what most tend to think of as truth.

There is way much more to the nature and spirituality of being born with the caul than what you know.

Submitted on 2014/01/14 at 4:15 pm | In reply to Someone Special.

Great comment! You imparted so much common sense and wisdom, and you indeed are right in what you say. Love your knowledge and very nice of you to take out the time to share and show your support.


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