I Cannot Stand A Liar, A Jealous One At That!/ Everything That I Have Wrote About Shannon Is 100% Truth! (People who do dirt are not getting away with it like they use to by deception and manipulation)


Update: December 10, 2014

In response to Raises Big “?” Post https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2014/12/07/raises-big/

I absolutely had no intentions of responding to this ultimately sick bitch who is in deep denial, however, I am tired of her fucking with me. And if she wants to continue on trying to cover up all of her bullshit because she keeps getting caught then always placing blame on me, I guarantee that she will definitely regret ever coming after me in the first place.

One day I hope someone actually does make good on those death threats that she receives from particular people who know that she ain’t shit! Fucking lying, jealous, sick, degenerate bitch!

Down below I receive this obnoxious message through facebook where this delusional bitch accuses me of trying to make people hate her? Please, spare me the bullshit! I don’t give a fuck about her! She does not mention what she’s been trying to do “spiritually” behind the scenes against me, I pick up every fucking thing. She just got scared and feels stupid. 

This bitch ain’t no true real caulbearer.

And now I’m being accused of altering the date of her “so called friend”. Why because I did not publicly make known the comment earlier when she was sending her flunkies after me? “What’s the matter Sharon, did it fuck up your shit!

I do not personally know that woman Terry, she came to me, why should I need to “forge” anything? Just one of your plentiful games that you play to help you cope!

Do not “Generalize” me honey, or make assumptions about me that is where you go absolutely wrong. You do not know a fucking thing about me. There is a great difference between what you “think” and what you “actually know”!

I do not have to alter anything (everything about me is real-you actually do things of that nature that is why you accuse me! do not try to play no reverse psychology on me bitch, I am not one of your brain dead victims), the date is authentic, why don’t you contact Facebook as I have copied down everything genuinely.

I do not have to prove anything, nevertheless, I’ll let you know that I can back up everything that I say and have ever said! You cannot do that I bet! I have every single pay stub of every job that I’ve worked, legal documents of my school records of my above average I.Q. test, of me at age ten passing grades and tests that high school students could not pass then being skipped grades. I even had the opportunity to get my literature published by a mainstream publisher at the tender age of ten!

My teachers and counselors fought for me. I even have legal court documents of my achievements.

I have top noch psychics and babalawos who can vouch for me! What have you got bitch!

I am warning you Sharon Lassiter , Shannon Lee Wolf or whoever the fuck you want to be-do not continue to fuck with me! Just ask someone who “truly knows me” not your “phony contacts” but anyone who “genuinely knows me” I can destroy you! And it does not have to be immediately.

“This guy was one of three guys who raped my aunt back in the early nineteen eighties (they called him Gerard/May 10 fatal stabbing of 40yearold Persian Gulf War veteran Henry Frasier), he got brutally killed by a neighbor two doors down from where I use to live. It took years but the universe took care of him. If you do not believe just check out his murder” http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/queens-da-cops-stop-blood-gang-article-1.352802

And if you really want to know something else “Miss Bitch Sharon Lassiter or Shannon Lee Wolf” whoever the fuck you want to be, I have a whole lot of mail from people in regards to you that I have not released. Some incriminating shit!

Just waiting for the right time to reveal it. I could have been put it out if I really wanted to be petty. I do not do things out of spite. Just go away and leave me alone, and don’t mind what I write about on my blog as it is none of your business.

And P.S. (That is exactly why I did not get involved by responding to that lady Terry when she contacted me back in June of this year aside from the fact that I did not care, because you all are not steady people, you get weak under pressure then start lying and denying. People like you all can do dirt to one another then smile again in one another’s faces. I however, do not fit into that category).

I will waste no more time nor energy on a worthless inconsequential bitch.

Sharon Lasitter
Dec 8th, 3:16pm
Oh, LaToya. More slander? smhYou try your hardest to use your lies and twisted tales to get good caul bearers to hate me. But they always see through you. They always see you for who you are. A dark soul who keeps one finger pointed at me, while three are pointing right back at yourself. I honestly feel sorry for you.
Sharon Lasitter
Dec 9th,1:27pm
And…it’s so obvious that you fudged in the date of the message that my dear friend sent you, in a moment of fear after reading one of your twisted up blogs about me. You just can’t stop obsessing on me, can you? smh


  • 19 hours ago
    Sharon Lasitter

    And…it’s so obvious that you fudged in the date of the message that my dear friend sent you, in a moment of fear after reading one of your twisted up blogs about me. You just can’t stop obsessing o

June 27
Terry Haley

I just read your pages on Sharon Lasitter or Shannon Lee Wolf. Can you tell me more about her. I am concerned since I sent her some very personal information Thanks Terry


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