Just For The Record/And Let This Be It!/I’m Tired Of This Garbage


nutcase“Jade talkin’ shit from behind the scenes”.

And that nigger looks psychotic!

“Uh oh, he may zap me with his special super powers!”

“I’m gonna have to put Jade in a box”

(I am being sarcastic and laughing my ass off)

On the serious tip: I honestly know that Sharon Lassiter has grave mental issues I just wish she’d leave me out of them. I am so sick and tired of her I wish that she would just die, and I really mean that because death is sometimes the only way to stop these sick people.

This is my blog and I can write anything that I darn well please! Sharon Lasitter keeps surveilling my blog because she is so afraid of what may be said about her by me and/or my commenters when actually no one is thinking about her. If everything was so untrue about her she would not at all be worried. But it is the truth and she knows that!

Every time I write a post she gets an email alert because she continues to diligently follow my blog. Even when I don’t post anything new she comes from time to time.

Spending so much of her energy trying to work black magic on me, she is out of her mind, she cannot tackle me. She thinks that she can try to send negativity and I am suppose to keep quiet? Didn’t think that I would know about it? I can feel it! I dream it! I see it! Not to mention the other things.

She has been doing it all year long (with help, of course, she has no true power it all comes from other assholes that she works with and from Satan-and I bet she’ll claim that’s who I worship due to the  bullshit of the bible. My Orishas and ancestors are not of Satan!), and last year. Nothing worked! It did not reach me personally-I’m still living my life productively. I have no fear of this quack or anyone else for that matter.
crazy ladySharon has already been ruined for a long time now, and like I said before if she keeps fucking around she will be “destroyed” to the ultimate level-the universe will surely proceed.

(My enemies have such a false sense of security, but they know deep down inside that they are conquered and they are indeed scared they are just too ill to be logical. Reason does not register with them.)

Sharon is an undesireable and she literally nauseates me, just writing about her turns me off. People like her have been so cunning and dirty in their deceptive and manipulative techniques and have gotten over on so many people and have brought so many of them down and when she had the audacity to lie on me in the message that she sent to me it served as a reminder of just how retarded this bitch is and the lengths that morbid people like her will go to. They cannot help it though it’s within their degenerate nature.

I am going to like I always have to just ignore her.

Let her revel in her mission to seek comfort from her “recruits” in regards to raising discussion about me on her page. It would make her feel so much at ease to hear people agree and talk negatively about me ( like I care!) . Sharon always has to run to others for her self validation, she ain’t shit alone. She is not able to stand by herself.

People like her are nothing it’s just that there are so many of them around that many who are actually of substance are outnumbered but absolutely not out done!

(Such a poisoned and pitiful couple that Sharon and Johnny/Shannon and Jade)


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