“Just Returning Your Messages”

Gerri Pietromonaco

Miss Latoya,
I had a brief Facebook encounter with this woman,very argumentative! She completely misunstood me. I’ve deleted my Facebook pages,and I’m trying to delete all the stuff that comes up linked to my name. Your name is on top of the list,its not that I don’t want to be associatend with you,I just don’t understand your anger at me. I hope I’m way off. I’m a fledgling of sorts with this metaphysical phenomenon that I was born with. Please contact me at your convenience, would love to hear your views on what to do,pursue a friendship of trust built on brutal honesty or not.
With up most respect
Gerri pietromonaco 6502651193

Miss LaToya: Yes Gerri, you are way off! I am nowhere near angry at you, I don’t even know you. And so far I have not felt any negativity from you.

If you really feel that way it could also be (just a possibility) that someone is probably trying to interceded between the two of us through some type of black magic (I won’t mention any names!-But check way down below).

They probably want you to think or feel that I have hostility toward you when indeed I do not. It is just to keep us from communicating with one another. You’ve heard this from my own words now-“I have no problem at all with you”. And if you still want to I’d love to speak with you.

You gave me a phone number that could not be reached (it’s not real/that is why I posted it I would never display a real telephone contact). If you truly want me to phone you send me a legitimate number where you could be reached.



I read your blog post about Shannon, a person born of light would never slander another person they way you have this woman. Your a TRUE CAUL ” if your considered true caul then I denounce my caul if that’s whet it means to be born with a caul. Your heart is black n full of evil. If any one plays in black magic it you. I will say though I’m a real witch born of the caul who is psychic and communicates with the dead and heals the sick would never talk the trash and evil you do. What a shame you bring to the caul. I prey the lord has pitty on you and forgives you.

loonyMiss LaToya: This is a picture of Jill Rice. Very haunting isn’t it?

Demonic activity is written all over her retarded-looking face. She does not look right at all!

I would not at all give credence to this douchebag.

And someone like her surely would need to revoke her caul if in fact it was absolutely a caul that she was born with in the first place (there are many who believe in the so called “being born with a black caul/cape or veil” over their faces-I do not however) she may have just indeed been born with an infection over that hideous-looking face.

The garbage are such dead giveaways and they do not even realize it. She claims to be a real witch then preaches on me about “The Lord”?

What Lord is she referring to because according to the scriptures “God” denounces “Witches” and any such correspondence!

Satanic people camouflage themselves and they do not know the difference between the light and the darkness (they often believe in their own states of deception)-to them right is wrong and wrong is right-they do not even know the difference between the truth and a lie.

At least I do not perpetrate as I am with my Ancestors and Orishas and special Spirits and Spirit Guides  in “full mode” and within “thorough understanding” of my true “luminous nature and identity” I do not turn around and “quote or condescend/patronize” with the so called word of God when it is convenient.

These assholes are so much confused and doomed.

I would not even waste my time going on any further. I am very gifted, blessed, and at peace.

Another strange comment on Miss LaToya’s blog…Really, Gerri? For heaven’s sake, when did we have a “go-around”? You asked me to write your book, yet appeared to have this big chip on your shoulder all the while, taunting and testing me. And I was calm with you through the whole conversation. I guess some folk just love to battle, lol! I have to have a sense of humor about this

“Hello My given name is Gerri,my native name is Lady who walks but I prefer my hippy name Violet Skye’s! I would so much like to understand what why things are! I recently discovered this phenomenon runs in my family passed down through the women of my family. 4 generations so far, are en cauls were not preserved appropriately and all our lives have been utter grief and chaos. I plan to stop this legacy of chaos when my granddaughter is of age to have children. I know what I know make no mistake by being harsh with me. We are touched like no other of this I’m sure. We each have our gifts to offer as we choose. I choose to learn from you if you’ll have me. This wolf woman and i have had our go around as well. I hear the truth in your words ,as you command people to listen. Something that I would like to learn, My spirit has been weaken but my brothers protect me constantly from the other dimensions at will. I wish you a stellar day and good tidings always. Violet Skye’s”

  • Classíc Cliché Does she not come off as an energy vampire? I found when people come to me in that manner, especially with the skeptical chip on their shoulder, they drain your energy. Like asking for a teacher and making them dance for you as entertainment. She may not be an energy vampire, but this person does seem like a waste of time. I’ve learned that you have to make them “earn” your teachings. Or else they’ll use you for what you know and come off as arrogant like this. Or perhaps I’m misreading the situation, but that’s the feeling I picked up from reading that post. And what does she mean, “I plan to stop this legacy when my granddaughter becomes of age to have children”? No matter how little you understand or have genuinely suffered, or want to be over dramatic about how chaos your life is/was (as this person sounds), you don’t mess with divine fire. You learn to wield it. No matter how many generations it takes, it’s your bloodline’s gift and purpose.Also, have any of you watched a tv show on Netflix called Hemlock Grove? It’s a show that tells an interesting story that involves the lure of the caul!!! And Oroburo! that’s actually where I first saw the nature of the caul in action, but I learned the most from Shannon!

    • The Curious Caul You are so right, sweet Classic. I also find it interesting that she seeks a “commanding” teacher, which is drama as well. At any rate, she is a handful, though I wish her well!Yes! I love Hemlock Grove! It is a very long wait between seasons, lol. I’m not familiar with Oroburo…?

    • Classíc Cliché Indeed!!! Oroboro, I think is the correct spelling? The snake that eats itself as a symbol of self preservation, that nothing ends, it just starts again!
    • The Curious Caul Oh, yes – it’s always present in Hemlock Grove!
  • Jamie Lewis Is the learning not equal to a great life when things are hard our souls can progress hugely but seeing that as a glass half full rather than half empty is something we don’t always see for some time especially when paths involving grief and lose. Remember you are never given that which you can not handle even if at times it feels it’s comes very close to your limit !
  • Jade Edwards Strange…



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