“The Big Four O” Still Young And Lively


BaBy Toya

My Beautiful Li’l Baby Photo

How Lovely To Look Back 

07-20-2007 10;27;44PM

I turned forty years old this year. What A long time on this sick earth. I’ve endured a beautiful life thanks to the spiritual advantage of circumstance.

The fantastic climax (ultimate blessings) surely to come soon or eventually.

The certain rotten tribulations that I was not meant to endure yet sometimes had to undergo never reflected it’s ugly head on my aura and/or appearance. No demonic strains ever taking a toll on my bearing.

Living a lifestyle of truth and exceptional spirituality.

The beauty and power of the universe, my ancestors, and my orishas shine radiantly upon me.

“Oh how lovely to the Peace, Purity, And Protection that still surround me.

I’ll always Love You Baby Girl 

“Your beginning leads to the future, your future” – My Spirits inform to me


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