Update: Still Kicking With A Supernatural Force!


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After my last post back in March regarding “you know who”, particular enemies tried to retaliate of course by using black magic in an attempt to interfere with my career.

I didn’t even bother to write about it back then because it wasn’t worth my time but I am just mentioning it now to let it be known that my insights as always were correct and that their actions proved it as they often continue to tell on themselves.

( I never let anyone manipulate my situations and what I know to be definite truths )

I forgot all of the exact dates that they were trying to work on me through satanic measures ( I didn’t log it down but I remember that they always try to fuck with the energy in my left arm when they want to tamper with my jobs ) but you know like I’ve said before when you hurt one of their kind and/or get the best of them they join in together to retaliate.

( You’re not suppose to take up for yourself you are suppose to let them run over you and get away with their shit! )

Of course they did not win I am still doing very well and very good within my life. Just too busy to be on the internet sometimes but I am still on the scene and I still very much enjoy conducting my writing talents/abilities!!!


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