The Perfect Day!


Delicious Day! 

157012-200About two and a half weeks ago I had a regular routine monthly staff meeting with my colleagues.

The executive director there at my place of work gave me a thank you card signed with a greeting wishing me success in the advancement of my career along with two free AMC movie tickets.

Well, this afternoon I along with a guest of mine used those movie tickets and enjoyed a wonderful day at the theater.

We went to see “The Perfect Guy” (premiered yesterday nationwide)  which was a very good suspense thriller. The film was so great I really enjoyed my outing today!

Hadn’t been to the movies in a while it was nice to relive my ole stomping ground! Woo-hoo!!!


About misslatoya

I am a genuine clairvoyant born with the caul/veil. And I am a natural born writer. I was born with second sight and have many intuitive gifts. I taste, smell, hear, see, feel and know things. I have strong, intense empathic and telepathic ability. I communicate with the dead. My life itself is a constant supernatural event as I experience these occurrences altogether on a daily basis. Music: I like all types of music My hobbies: writing, reading, my spirituality Turn ons: the truth, knowledge, intelligence Turn offs: ignorance, liars Books: true crime novels, particularly st Martin’s true crime library series

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