My Personal Space

cup cakeEvery “New Year” should be a step forward from the past and a new step forward into the future.

I like certain “big” things but it just takes the certain little things that make me happy, such as keeping myself clean, eating good food and keeping myself healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.

There is nothing more pleasurable to me than to be able to have my own desired and acquired essentials whatever they may be. When one is lucky and fortunate enough in the certain things that they need and want other not so important matters become too small to complain about.

With the crazy and dangerous state of the world that we are in and the rotten things that are apt to happen by others and/or circumstance many of us have a lot to be grateful for that we should not take for granted.

Another brand new year is about to come in and I still do not have any tolerance at all for any nonsense or chaos I do not care about what is going on in the life of anyone else or what they are doing I am only concerned about my life and what is going on in the world around me and for the continuance of better.

I will forever be that same laid-back and bubbly person that I’ve consistently been yet more improved with constant mental and spiritual growth. I enjoy my home life as it is filled with a distinct peace, comfort, laughter and positive energy. I enjoy writing my literature, reading books,   listening to music, watching movies and television shows, and I enjoy the relaxation of my bed as I get good nights of undisturbed rest.

As a teenager and young adult, I never went to parties or hung out recklessly and I never desired to have any close friends I preferred to stay to myself and nothing much has changed since then. That is just my thing. When I am out and about I like to conduct my activities solo.

Whenever certain others would come around and impose on my time they would spoil those precious moments. I didn’t need people around me to have a good time and I didn’t need people around me as any type of support system.

tea cookiesI had people around me who I’d call acquaintances and associates but none of whom that I’d actually cared for or cared to have as a genuine friend.

Most of the people who’d come around were nothing but trouble and we didn’t really have anything in common but living in the same area, and some believe that if one comes from, or lives within the same neighborhood then they are not too much different than what they are which is a huge misconception.

Although I do agree that most levelheaded individuals of a specific class or nature would prefer to be more situated around or within a vicinity that is more appropriate to their own category it unfortunately does not always turn out in that fashion. I currently for four years now have been able to be in an completely different and more suitable environment, and for the future I hope to be able to do even better.

If I were friendly I would have a lot of friends, in spite of that, I only truly and wholeheartedly would get along with those who are on my level or above. I had plenty of people in particular who’d get mad or disappointed at me for not wanting to be bothered with them but that is just the way that I am.

I create my own happiness and that contentment comes from within it has to be natural.

I keep work at work and I keep home at home I do not go to work to make friends, and I do not come home to bring within any type of negative energy.

What most are enthralled by within the world today means and is completely nothing to me as it stirs up no kind of interest or excitement from within me and that is a good thing in my case because I have to live and do what naturally works best for me.




Guardian Spirits

spell bibleWhenever I would offer honey to Orisha Oshun I would always taste the sweet and healing substance first as a precautionary measure due to the old tale that Oshun had once been the victim of an attempted poisoning.

My sweet Orisha of course knows that I personally would never give unto her anything that is below quality or substandard as I am considered extremely trustworthy among my spiritual connections within all forms. However, I can definitely understand as well as relate to Oshun’s leeriness in general and out of respect for this deity.

I do not regularly eat or drink from just anyone I have always been that way and not because of a past experience that I am about to share but because everyone is not always so clean and particular in their habits the way that I am.

It is not just with food either I have never let people kiss on me (and I was quite ahead of my time with that one the way so many people are now having oral sex with one another in this day and age it has become the norm and the expected with many-people who indulge can keep those lips away from me!), I never shared anyone’s comb, and so on.

I was eight-teen going on nine-teen in the year of 1994 and my aunt Tina had come to our house to visit her mother (she no longer was able to live there in the home since the beginning of the nineties due to a court order we had gotten to throw her out) and I was upstairs in my bedroom as I had a pot of black eyed peas cooking in the kitchen on the stove.

By the time my food was done Tina was gone, she had left not too long before I went to get my food.

After taking in three spoonfuls of peas my body temperature rose and I went into a daze, and instantly, and right within that exact moment, I literally “visioned” a reenactment of what took place beforehand. I heard Tina ask my grandmother if that was my pot cooking on the stove then I saw the pot over the flame of the stove and I heard the pot top slam down after having been opened.

beverageA spirit voice then came to me and told me that Tina had put “mescaline” in my pot of food and that not to worry-as I had heard the voice of Tina’s conscience admitting to it-because her actions were going to backfire and she was the one who was going to flip out

Sure enough, just a week later Tina bugged out and ended up in a psychiatric facility and was prescribed some medication. It was a neighborhood thing (part of the negativity and conspiracy) where foes used Tina as their flunky to combine voodoo and a “trip” drug by lacing my food but between my strong mind and the grace and protection of my spiritual connections I was alright. I never suffered any mental repercussions (hallucinations) or recurrences (after effects) the powers of extra sensory perception had sustained me.

How sick for those who had wanted me to lose my mind before I could even begin to live but yet they had already first came after me at the age of seven so nothing was out of bounds.

My mother had a friend one time who had attended a party and the woman had brought her five year old daughter along. While they were there at the party the mother had went into the bathroom and when she returned back to the living room her child told her that the lady who had invited her had put something in her drink. The woman took her cup then poured it down to the floor and the liquid burned a whole in the carpet.

It had turned out that the host of the party attempted to get this woman out of the way so that she could move in on her husband.

I had my guardians looking down upon me in spirit form and that woman had one of her guardians looking down on her within human form through the awareness of her baby daughter.