In “Need” or In “Deed?”


sweet peek

I get tired of hearing the same old shit over and over again, especially when it is nugatory repetition.

I totally ignore what does not hold my attention, and inconsequential people, I pretend that they just aren’t there.

An individual is able to converse about an issue over again without the circumstance really bothering them it all depends, some people (in general) all they want to do is share a sob story simply to conduct a “pity party”. Have pity by yourself.

It is hilarious to me how a lot of people think that they have “real friends”. In instances as soon as some one’s back was turned their so called “friends” would come to me “talking up a storm”.

To me, that is not the proper way to deal, nevertheless, one would have to question an individual’s motive why are they around that other person to begin with?

And I know of course that people have smiled in my face then talked behind my back, in spite of that, they were not actually my friends just associates or acquaintances we all go through that.

Genuine friendships are rare they do exist though and there are people who can be trusted it is just not very easy to come by too often even though it is common for a lot of folk to encounter, understand?

Everybody does talk but there is a difference between gossip and a healthy discussion whatever I have to say about someone I have no problem telling them straight to their face I always have. Of course, that may cause someone else hurt feelings and/or cause me some lifelong enemies it makes no difference to me my life goes on.

I’d rather be the most hated person in the world if that meant staying true to who and what I actually was. As authentic people up against any type of combat we fight harder, maintain and survive.

I’ve never had a bad reputation and I never will, in fact, I do not give a fuck about “a reputation” as reputation is indeed merely what people entertain an “idea”, “belief” or “opinion” about not exactly what is “definite”. My “character” is who I truly am as a person and our character is who we actually are as individuals so I’ve never “sweated” that shit.

I have consistently had credibility as I have “never” been known as or considered as a liar by anyone within and around my circles that is why I am and was so trusted and why people that knew me personally would come to me when they wanted to hear or verify the truth. People who’ve only known me for a short time also had strong faith in me because they liked me and could sense the genuineness that I possess.

However, I have been told that I am a little too honest and that I “Say things that I should not say”.

sweet treatsThat is one of the many reasons adversaries of mine had worked witchcraft on me within the past while in the midst of spreading their pathetic lies because no one was “naturally” listening and/or believing anything that was negatively being said about me.

They were all envious and jealous of my character, the strength and the confidence that I had (and tried so desperately to rob me of those qualities) and constantly judging me for the things that I was not doing. “You think that you are better than everyone else just because you are not doing the same things that other people are doing, but you are not”, an old man once conveyed to me out of resentment. This person had lived a foul life and eventually died like a dog, what does that acknowledge in regard to him, it all speaks for itself.

Why was he and others so worried about my life?

I am in no way the only one who has encountered this nonsense a lot of good people or people in general are the target of “sick” and “illogical” people’s attempts at devilishness manipulation through their own ignorance. Yet why let them spoil one’s life and contentment especially if or when there is a chance to get to see them all fall and disintegrate?

Isn’t it just lovely to witness the collapse of a person through the hands of their own back fire? Instead of what they had set out to do to you they began to reap. “Intention” completely turned around and happened to them but even more viciously.

Just hang in there and give it time those who are no good and continue on with doing dirt always get their paid up dues with much “interest” and the rates are very high.

Believe me when I state it these assholes are all catching hell within their lives they have gone down lower than what they already were, and will go down even farther into the lower pits of their own tortuous hell.

Never forget, though do move on and enjoy all that life has to wonderfully offer, and let them in particular observe and continue to perish.


I’d rather be hated for who I truly am than to be loved or respected for who and what I am really not:



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