Intangible Flair


pen and paperAs I am extremely creative I naturally manifest a wide variety of “ideas” and “approach” that come to me and that are inspired by “energy” and “spirit” which then motivate me into a phenomenal mode of “operation”.

Everything derived from within is vital and purposeful as it is a power that is beyond my head yet rooted to knit thoroughly under my control, liberal forms of unpremeditated genuine expression.

What is meant to be said and heard will magnetically arise to the surface unbeknownst to the “unconscious” mind, however, recognized and disclosed to those who have “awoke”; messages are not brought on by anger or spite but by wisdom and truth, a higher divinity invoking justification with the authorization to promote.

One cannot stop and/or effectively go up against the “volumes” that exude from without a “gift”.

When one is set out on their mission whatever that may be, and no matter how it “may not appear” (to those who are ignorant or oblivious) to certain others all windows and doors will be open for expansion while all the shields and blocks will be up for non distraction, all the proper encouragement and aide connected to the spiritual design.

Even so this plan is more than I can see and so much more elevated than me I still indulge within it as a pleasure as it is in no way any burden unto me.

Writing is a part of my life it is who I am and the greatest asset and confirmation to that revelation that is not able to be disputed is the “consecrated spirit” that resides and that constantly expels out through me.


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