Planted Seeds


home comfortI could not help but to look back upon my life in a reflective way since this New Year came in because already good things have been rolling in step by step one motion after the other and it has gotten me sentimental.

The good luck that I use to constantly receive when I was a youngster on up has reoccurred to a substantial degree, the favorable circumstance had always been there yet now it is back to an original state and pace, perhaps yielding from the universal change of steering interfering negative energies into a finalizing halt of remission.

It feels so good to have the positive vibrations of nature permanently take over I mean there will consistently be evil lurking around to attack but it will never become or ever remain within the same again, and this is a fantastic start in advance for this new year that is evolving within the process, totally dynamic!

All one has to do is to stay faithful, loyalty goes an entirely long way when it is completely sincere, dedication to oneself and to the commitment around them not surrendering but believing in what is to come.

The “truth” is a very powerful thing and an issue that many do not want to accept as many people cannot handle truth.

Honesty is not so bad at all it is perception that is often misguided through miscomprehension and generalization. Some individuals are unable to interpret beyond the scope of their own intellectual or sophisticated limitations.

I’ve learned very early on in life that if one vocalizes and/or responds through communication, articulating in any particular form or fashion and another by their own discernment draws up a false conclusion that is strictly upon them and not that other person.

Individuals often place their own emotions and insecurities upon others and believe that another would feel the same as they them self would if they were in and walking within their shoes or handling and dealing within certain situations but that is for the most part untrue due to the vast diversity of thought pattern and personality.

Others unreasonable and erroneous judgments and/or accusations are a reflection of their own inability to cope with truth.

Wavelength and level also serve as major factors as a high-minded person and especially or specifically one that may think outside of the box would thoroughly analyze a circumstance that was put out into question or deliberation.

That is why I was constantly grateful for the mind that I was given and born with one that was able to mentally rationalize and sufficiently calculate because some individuals do not even possess common sense let alone a brain that functioned sharply.

When living in honesty there is contentment and grace and I appreciate a life of corresponding value-what you put out you get in return harmoniously through universal effect. No one has to bare and explain every detail of their souls or lives to anyone or at all for that matter, and no one owes anyone any type of explanation in regard to how they project individually.


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