moonThis past Monday I went to bed early around 8 p.m. because I had to get up early the next morning to go to work. As I slept during the night into the wee hours I saw three visions in my dreams they all had meaning that I had discerned, and even one that had played out at work later that day, however, another out of the trio was quite a bit disturbing to me-rather strange and all so very sick.

Years ago, about fifteen, a young female singer was killed in a tragic accident and back then shortly after the incident had taken place I noticed how I became harmlessly preoccupied with her death, watching the news and television reports and reading the news paper and I didn’t understand why my attention had suddenly focused on and turned to this famous R&B singer as I didn’t have anything against her personally (she had made some good music songs that were appealing) yet I wasn’t really a fan.

I remember one night how I had lay awoke in bed and had a vision of how rapidly her spirit had departed from her body instantly after the violent impact of the deadly event, her spirit was in transparent mode (not human likeness just a large size clear solid flickering blur) and with sort of a circular form within it’s appearance fluttering and moving swiftly through out the area of the accident.

I could be wrong but what I had gotten from the scene of vision was that her spirit was knocked out of the body so quickly and unexpectedly that it was rattled and disoriented within it’s roam around the vicinity.

Then it had also come to me within the energy that this young deceased singer had wanted her life back I could definitely sense and feel that she was dismayed and adrift during the initial exit out of this world the experience had actually took me back to the setting under the paranormal terms.

Later that year, about two to three months after the reflections and vision I went down to South Carolina and stayed a week with my father’s side of the family (I discovered two reasons for my journey that were meant to occur while I should not have gone within the first place but everything happens for a reason and I did make it back home safely and with indeed purpose) and aside from other explanations of my visit another revelation had arisen to the surface.

I unwittingly asked one of my cousins about the famous singer who had passed away and he came out and told me that her grandmother lived just a short distance behind their land and that when she would come down there to visit her grandmother riding in a vehicle (it was so long ago I do not remember or not whether he mentioned the super star was traveling in a limousine or what) that she’d wave to them all out from the car window the people who had recognized her and knew who she was related to there down in South Carolina.

I also asked other relatives and they verified and confirmed the story and they also gave me detail about the attitude of the singer’s mother toward a neighbor once as people in the area were mostly well acquainted with one another.

So there was the connection between me and the situation and circumstance not to mention that my father’s own grandmother had “well-known” extra sensory perception within the family no one could do anything without her knowing about it when she was alive, and I have this gift on both sides of my family, and then some, that is why I have a “double veil”.

handAnyway, back into this past Tuesday morning of the wee hours of as I slept, that weird yet factual dilemma in regard to one of the visions observed within my dreams catered once again to this famous female singer who had died fatally. In the extremely vivid scene she laid on her backside dead with her eyes closed,  the cognition allowing me to acknowledge her identity, while someone was in the process of trying to perform a “Resurrection” ritual.

Someone actually attempted to revive her spirit into my body and suck out my animated spirit. They intended for her and I to switch places.

I am not vulnerable in my sleep I have 24 hour natural spiritual protection every time the ritual tried to literally extract my spirit from my body I would jerk simultaneously in resistance and it would automatically wake me up and every time this incident occurred for the undisclosed period (me falling asleep them waking back up) that it lasted I would see the singer’s lifeless face, eyes closed, on her backside.

I noticed that this didn’t happen until I wrote my two last recent posts this past saturday but as “energy” and “spirit” inspires and provokes me to write, a gift and a significant purpose that is beyond my head and control at the same time within my talents and unpremeditated missions of sharing through my own knowledge and personal experience “divinity” will in no way intentionally expose me to any danger through what I may reveal but as “spiritual vessels” we type of people in specific are and do become targets, nevertheless, whenever a “higher plan” is scheduled into effect there is no deactivation.

Second Sight/Living With Real Paranormal Abilities:(




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  2. Where do I begin. I met this person at work at a time when me and the person im with were going through a rough patch. He pursued me and I gave in. This person at work revealed to me my partner stepped out on me. All he did was talk over the phone. He never pursued physically. He told me and i believe him. In the mix of things my co worker pursued me and i gave in. We almost had sex but we didnt. Come to find out my co worker is into voodoo and is out to kill my partner and make me pay for leading him on. He is crazy and wont take no for an answer. It has been almost a year since we have spoken and i dont want anything to do with this guy. I was told he is making me have tremors. He is doing this to my partner as well and is seriously trying to ruin me and kill him. Just looking for some advice.

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