Insight Into Influence


scholarIt is vital to have a substantial amount of spiritual smarts, street smarts and book smarts not just one but a little bit of all and I have always encompassed these three essential ingredients for guidance and longevity.

When I was in my teens and early twenties a lot of my mother’s friends and associates had “took to me” (had a fondness toward my personality) they considered me to be a very bright and unique individual who was very insightful and analytical which some thought to be rare at my age because most young people weren’t as strong minded or confident enough within their own understanding to thoroughly think things through into specific that were of value and/or importance and significance as they are more so within the same .

In the regard to certain peers that were around and within my vicinity back then one of my mother’s female friends had stated out to me directly to my face “They are scared of you, they are jealous of you, they want to be like you”.

Another female who was an associate of my mother had told me the same exact words in the same exact order with the same exact flow of certainty, and these two women both did not know one another, had never met never crossed paths and did not even live within the same state as each other. “They are scared of you, they are jealous of you; they want to be like you”.

Some time had passed when I asked the first woman over the telephone after hearing the revelation from the second woman “What made you say that to me?”

“I don’t know”, she had informed honestly. “It just came out”. “Spirit” and “knowledge” had spoke through her she believed in the power of “spiritual messages”.

Ever since I was a child on up others indeed did learn many specific things from me either by being within my company or by the observance of my actions, as I had gotten older others have even come to me in confidence because I accurately and consistently knew the things that I spoke of when there were others around who did not exactly know what they were talking about when it came down to particular fact.

contemplationI’ve never intended to teach by deliberate motive but my ways and genuine faculties have proven to be quite influential and inspiring through my direct contact with people and through the joys that come out from my gifts of “automatic writing” as I was told on numerous occasion that one of my life purposes was to help and to motivate others through my leadership yet I had never set out or desired to do so.

I have in the past as well as today had an effect on individuals so much that they went as far as to “copy” me and would try to make my “style” the identity of their very own. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, however, there were always two things in particular that I found very unflattering and that was “jealousy” and “emulation”.

There is nothing wrong with harmless admiration having a positive influence on someone or inspiring someone but when another individual tries to “mirror” my image, disposition and ability that is a complete turn off.

(Now there are billions and zillions of people out there in the world and many of us can come up with similar ideas or similar modes of expression that are honestly just mere coincidence. A whole lot of us are the same in our certain ways and in the way that we do things).

Inadequate individuals often tend to lie to themselves as well as to others and they want so badly to believe within their own lies as they cannot handle and/or accept truth in any forms that intimidate the points of their own well-being (their comfortable state of ignorance). They are not resilient people as they need the support from others in order to build and to hold them up within their cope to maintain, and sustain.

A genuinely strong individual is able to survive on their own and do not require or depend on the foundations of others within the process to compose of their own self management.

A lot of people fear what they do not know and they fear the depth of what they do not understand although the outside of what they “see” can be quite threatening, intriguing and desirous as it illuminates as an example it is the underlying component that incorporates all of the elusive unfaltering documentation.



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