Stones To Step Upon


writing lifeAs some people who come into our lives at one point or another that are not meant to stay but to just “pass by” in a reason for us to learn by and/or through and to help us grow and to aspire it is the same within various elements and opportunity.

From personal experience whenever I received or had something that worked out for me that was of a positive and suitable nature and that gain did not last for very long due to the interference or other distinctive negativity of another something else would eventually come around not so long after that determined to be a much “better” arrangement within life than what I had going on beforehand.

No matter how many times the cycle went on to repeat itself each new circumstance that I became involved in and thought I had unfairly lost out at or on actually turned into a great fortunate and extra advantage, the experience and progression to further measurement had taught me a lot.

Even within the beneficial things that I had not figuratively lost out on but that had improved and that had elevated me specifically in regard to the physical and spiritual maintenance of vitality on a consistent basis would just get better and better, and whenever I would think that it was not possible to get anymore better it would just keep getting better, “What is this?” I’d say in delightful enthusiasm.

It was the momentum of life that when a “door closes a window opens” account, constantly.

In general, for the sincerely upright individual when the “forces of nature” or the deliberate intentions of others are directed out to cause the misfortune or hurt of another “divinity” then in return supernaturally “charges” and “exchanges” that slight and deed around into a source of genuine help and success, a “Stepping Stone” without limited pathway and luminous stairs to momentously tread upon.



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