So Sweet

accessories“She had coffee, I had tea, that little old lady was so sweet to me”.

Last Sunday afternoon on the twenty first of February I got a call on short notice from my job to do an overnight twelve hour shift but unfortunately I was unable to go. Then Wednesday I got another call on short notice asking if I could do a two day twelve hour night shift case yet again I was unavailable for that specific day but I informed that I was able to attend to the case for the next day so everything was settled.

On Thursday morning I was offered another case along with the case that I was already scheduled to go to and I accepted.

The first case was a twelve hour overnight the second was a double overnight and day shift. Then I was told that the first case was cancelled because the supervisors did not want me overworked without getting enough rest (so darn considerate I really appreciated that even though I was ready willing and able and have done far more loads of straight long hours of assignments within the past. I’ve been on jobs within the past whereas managers would try to take advantage of me just because they knew that I was a good reliable worker).

One of the nurses drove me over and out to the facility to where I was going to perform my duties as we were to meet with the administrative employees. There are a multiple of locations affiliated with my workplace establishment within the different areas and it is a great personal and professional experience.

These residential assisted living facilities are extremely high maintenance (no exaggeration) even more beautiful than the other ones that I have worked within and my client was a very lovely lady we hit it off instantly.

She insisted on buying me breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire time that I was there with her and she refused to let me pay for my own food or reimburse her for what she had charged to her room and/or account.

My client told me that she really appreciated me being there and watching over her and that she knows that I work hard for my money, and she had just met me. I told her that it was my job to look after her she told me to be quiet!

She told me that at first she didn’t want or think that she was going to need an assistant but after she met me she said that she was glad that I came and that I was there.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how we influence people and the positive impact that we may have on their lives no matter how big and how small.

I’ve always got along with people who were older than me those individuals in particular who were on the level I have been very blessed.

I left to go to work on Friday afternoon and just got back home after eleven p.m. last night I worked a total of thirty one hours.


lone flowerI was inspired to write this entry due to the many interesting private as well as public messages in regard to the issue of the veil.

As I do not consistently have the time to respond to all within a timely period and do not entertain phony bits of deliberate mechanism I also do not have time for any bullshit and I detest those who want to pretend that they were born with a caul when they know darn well that in reality they were actually not. And the ones that dearly wish that they were yet cannot accept that they weren’t-no matter how much one would love to believe in whatever it is that would satisfy their fancy-that distorted belief itself will not bring about the production of event.

Life is about actuality not fallacy. I hate copycats and I ten times more hate manipulative liars.

I come from generations of power as I am the epitome of one literally having been born with the veil and when one is actually born under those special circumstances there will be someone within this life time who will indeed be able to recognize and verify that legitimacy, which I have said on more than one occasion will also make any of us a natural candidate for being a target.

I do not at all like ignorant stereotypes or generalizations I like authenticity within all forms even if that may defy what is limited within the scope of another individuals knowledge and/or experience.

softI am tired of false imitations of what others believe is to be expected within and among those of a specific classification due to the fact that they simply are not familiar with the range in which inborn tendency can operate.

When individuals contact me I wish some of them didn’t feel that they have to live up to the accustomed outline of what they think being a caulbearer represents, truth and originality is all that it takes not what is popularly heard or mirrored.

It is actually the minority that stands out as I have never understood why anyone would complain of the attributes and conditions that may transpire within the life of a person born with a veil I wouldn’t have life any other way because the spiritual life is the absolute best living arrangement in my opinion but that determination has to come with true discernment.

After all, it is not the talents or gifts of intuition and association with the other worldly that makes life at times especially hard or difficult it is the types of people and universal demonic influence that bring about complication.

I feel that some fear actually coming out and revealing their supernatural circumstances and experiences on account of the judgment and ignorance of others who are not legitimate to begin with. I also feel that some are self conscious as to the details of their situations and would rather just sit back and observe rather than to take part and express their revelations and that is one hundred percent alright if they choose to everyone is not meant to divulge their information and it is not always necessary.

lone rosesThere are individuals that are comfortable talking and corresponding with me as I have never been afraid to challenge and go out side the box with my way of being and thinking and state of genuineness, I am free and apathetic to those, if any, that are opposed to a manner of possibility and truth in which they are not able to deal with and that opens up the doorways for certain others to feel comfortable enough to come forward about.

There is no need to shy away from unconventionality or individuality.


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kay allen Hi i recently found out ive been born with a veil that explains why Baphomet is always watching me and i have been blocked all my life by my sister who i found out is a witch also my do we get out of the hand of the enemy
In reply to kay allen.If one is truly of the light then you are never actually within the hand of any spiritual or physical enemy you are just within a battle that you will have to overcome by conquering the negativity (and negative energy) that may be around or surrounding you (you should never consider yourself as a victim/the word victim should only be used as a figure of speech).

If you actually consider yourself a helpless victim then you will be. Having someone attack you should instantly make you want to fight back (that is just my nature and my perspective).

Even if at first or for most of your life you have not been aware of having been born with a veil there should be a significant indication of preternatural occurrences depending on the levels of strengths that are developed upon within your talents through experience.

So what I am saying is whether or not you were aware of being born with a veil, and if you were paying attention, (how could anyone not as that is what one is as a gifted person you have to notice the things about yourself especially when those things differ greatly from within others) there had to be a connection as well as recognition even if you were unable to put your finger on it.

So through out all of what you have picked up about and within yourself and have been able to interpret, use that, and add that on to what you have come to know now (being born with the “knowing power” because that is what it means to be born with the veil it is the gift of second-sight imparting one with luck and a link to the spirit realm there are all kind of special things that go along with being born in that fashion and I know this for a fact as I was born with the caul from the head and face all the way down to the nape of the neck my caul was perfectly intact due to my mother having had a cesarean section and I came out with the perfect head I was asked as I got older if I had chewed the caul because it is said that if you swallow the remnants of the caul or through a solution from it that it will protect one from seeing bad spirits only good ones one would be able to see.

I know all about these things my doctor and a few of the nurses knew what the caul birth meant too, anyway, that was back in the 70’s) and as you discover and evolve you will automatically find the answers and the correct judgment within the next route to take, however, ahead of anything, you must face truth and then live within your own truth and not let anyone discourage you (no one will be able to cause discouragement as long as there is strong foundation within yourself) as you can follow nobody else’s path but your very own.

You will be able to conquer whatever comes your way if you are “properly” aligned and in balanced with the universe in a “favorable” mode yet that only comes through particular destiny.



swing againTo dwell within a state of a defined and aligned fulfillment what exactly is wrong with that superbly ordained commitment?

As I take swings back and forth beyond the shadows going to and from the mysteries that open up the many of my windows I enjoy the inexplicable nature of my ride that is out of the ordinary for anyone to most commonly describe.

The animation of my soul is not brought forth here as a source within a vessel to control, I am not created for anyone to mold.

The firm strings and board of lane through out the valley of passageway that I comfortably sway upon wherein lead me deep down into the mountains and unto the hills that from above I go therein.

So lucky to have come into contact with you, something that did not happen out of the blue, too good too be true, the things that you can do.

Oh, what I feel for you, if you only knew.

swingIt was guaranteed for us to stay I will never go away.

Too good to be true, oh the love that I have for you, never imagined it could be this way even though you promised me this day, I don’t worry about tomorrow because with you there is no sorrow, too good to be true you are my dream come new.

latoya lawrence


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blindfoldEverywhere that I go there have always been males who were very attracted to me all through out my life and still till this day yet I was never fazed by the circumstance. It had made no difference to me as I was very secure and wasn’t romantically interested in anyone in no way whatsoever.

Of course, there are males who can find a female attractive and give her a compliment without having any romantic or sexual intentions behind their observation. I’ve experienced that situation on many of occasion with males and even females who had approached me genuinely out of the kind propensity to express their own opinion.

A lot of people do it “Oh, he or she is so cute”, “Hey gorgeous”, and so on.

Some of that nonsense is at times also bullshit that people use both by men and women in order to flatter and/or to court for reasons that are calculating (some even do it just for fun to cruelly or trivially mock someone) as I have heard and witnessed the most unattractive of beings get called “beautiful” which in a variety of obvious fashions is considered to be pretty within appearance to many, including me.

I could never help whatever male that it was that had became attracted to me it wasn’t my fault especially the ones that were married or already involved within a type of relationship of one or more, however, when their female counterparts catch wind of their mate’s wandering eye and act out upon it within an irrational manner that is an entirely different story completely.

I remember how the assistant manager of a department store where I once worked at was extremely attracted to me and had desired me sexually he was so nervous one time that he had stumbled upon his words as we were talking. He was a married man who’d cheat on his wife but I just took advantage of the position within the store that he had the power to give to me and kept everything on a strictly professional level as I received good recognition on the job for being an exceptional employee whereas other females of a trashy nature would have flirted back and have been gratified and able to have been cajoled.

shoesThe assistant manager was not a good man but he knew that I was not the kind that was “idle” or apt to fall for any superficially inspired game and I do give him the benefit of the doubt for giving me the proper credit that I did deserve in my workplace.

Other degenerate cheats that hooked up with unattractive weak-minded whores that had taken their insecurities out on me I would never give any type of regard to as most of them liked to perpetuate a situation by playing the roles of instigator since I did not want or desire any of them at all.

Instead of laying blame on their own partner that they were sexually linked to or involved with they’d entertain the hunger to unreasonably “have it out with me” (they actually knew better than to come up and approach me) even though I didn’t personally know any of them all. Skanky males always recruit chicks that are dumber than they are in order to train and manipulate them through their own flaws of vulnerability.

These whores with low self esteem allow themselves to be pimped (used and abused) and propositioned. Isn’t it also something how women with derogatory backgrounds have the nerve to downgrade other woman with no history of promiscuous behavior by indeed calling them whores, and their equally warped male counterparts treating their sluts with more respect than they would toward a decent woman merely because their whores cater to their every whim and feed into the core of their outrageous male egos?

I recall a girl that got a job where I worked just to get a look at me because she knew that her man was interested in me and her “player” of a boyfriend constantly fed off of her lack of self confidence. She broke her neck to catch glimpses of me and one day grabbed a paper towel, threw it in the garbage, and then walked out of the employee bathroom the moment she spotted me up at the sink washing my hands after I had used the toilet.

see throughShe was so intimidated by me that she didn’t even use the rest room, knowing that she had to pee, and wiping her hands upon entering into the bathroom without even had wet or washed her hands, later on she passed by the area in which I worked within for me to see her.

At the end of our shift we happened to had ridden the same public bus together and I got a good look of her. Two days later she fought with her boyfriend as she was jealous over me. Instead of being worried over me she should have been more concerned over the job that she was unable to keep. This female only had worked two days spaced apart every other week yet could not hold up the position that she obviously must have not been qualified for.

After I encountered her once more there at the job (she gave me a phony smile of greeting) she disappeared and I never saw her again from then on.

Oh, how these tramps let the men in their lives make the most absolute fools out of them?


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fluffI almost am not able to define the contentment that is and that has been around me for quite some time now as it has become even more recently heightened and relevant.

While karma has come back to hit me with a powerful blow of ecstasy it is intangible and all so well sowed. I am heavily reaping the rewards of a life and spirit that has reported back to me as being indisputably well done, especially under the many situations that I’ve succeeded to overcome.

It feels so wonderful to be at peace and to genuinely have a peace of mind, all of the things that go along with this deep and meaningful state of euphoria.

I have really been taught another in depth lesson as to how the life that I lived and how the person that I am and that I have become and that I have been for so many years, and by birth, has contributed to the beautiful sensations that I am able to and that I have inevitably come to feel.

These reactions are through circumstances that are impossible to forge because they are indigenous from the laws of life itself.

It is not always about what we do within life but why we do the things that we do and what the motivation is behind our thoughts and within our actions and if we are pure and innocent or honorable within intent then we shall all benefit from the results of our conduct and anything that may have been unjustly stolen from us will thoroughly and generously be replaced once again.

It is also not about living a certain way solely to gain divine commendation but to just live sincerely and let nature weigh out all the scales of balance because that is when and where true fortune is decided by and upon.

I am able to put into sentence and speak all of these self inspired words through my own present and past of experience and I am truly proud and ever so grateful as within all of my own actual works and writings to have the ability to be unique, authentic and completely original in my expression.

I give much praise and veneration to what has natively surrounded and endowed unto me and unto the others within the world who are impacted by knowledge and vision firsthand.

Having peace within life and within one’s self is absolutely priceless as it cannot be bought or brought on by countless amount of dollars and the lime lights of any empty portals of fame, being rich and famous alone does not bring about happiness but if one truly is happy inside then one is able to enjoy all of what is around them no matter how big or how small and no matter how comforting or discomforting.

sleepThere are a lot of people within society who are at utter stages of confusion and disorder and are unable to cope with their situation without the use of drugs and other type of stimulant crutches of preference and dependence, living a life without much guilt and/or regret is a totally foreign concept to grasp for them all and the aspects drastically interfere with their quality of living.

With peace of mind comes advantage a favorable consistency that allows one to remain undisturbed within a world full of considerable disturbance.

There is no better position in life than being secured that definite and assured feeling of safety and ease even when there is always a possible chance of danger as we live in the most unstable of times yet there still is no worry.


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On The Go

sweet delightRegardless of how hectic the chores of life may bring or become we must always find the time to take care of our selves in the ways that are fit within harmony to our own specific conditions.

When one constantly works the extra long overtime hours that I usually do it is very important to eventually get the adequate amount of sleep as well as the nourishment to eat.

Depending on the circumstances I do not always have the time to prepare my own food at home after I come from work and I rarely pack up food to take with me to my job as it serves as an inconvenience to me since I am particular about sanitary practices within environments inhabited by multiple parties.

I do not like using the shared refrigerators and microwaves that are often shared as they are occasionally unclean and/or disorderly and if I were to store my outside brought food inside of any public appliance I’d securely cover and wrap my items up within Tupperware along with a plastic bag.

So most of the time I will just bring a already unopened snack and purchase a beverage out of the vending machine for during a meal break yet there are also the times where I could go to a nearby store or market that was located near my workplace and buy some fresh fruit salad, hero/round roll sandwich, crackers and so on.

Even restaurants I would sometimes visit or order from if my workplace was not surrounded by any stores and eateries that I preferred to occupy or patronize.

As I am already particular about what I eat and where I eat from nowadays I do not really seek to eat out from restaurants unless it is a day when I know that I hadn’t consumed anything at all and I am not able to hold out for a later time. I am even more so specific about eating out now because I’d rather cook my own grocery shopped and freshly made foods.

If I do eat out from restaurants I am sure to limit my orders to healthy vegetables and salads that I love without the worry of possible disagreeable added ingredients that are normally found in cuisines that are not particularly health conscious of the dishes that are made.

It made me so happy this time around this last past week up until the present how my travel period allowed me to have the time to home prepare and eat my own favorite meals while also having some time left over to chill out at my residence aside from the pampers of taking a nice hot shower.

Even before I arrived home in the morning I still had time to run a few errands if needed be, I was blessed and felt so very good. And I still have that natural unconditional exhilaration.

time to eatWhen the body is kept equip and supplied with the proper and beneficial necessary fuel the constitution in return reciprocates. It is like my body is programmed to fit into my favorably demanding schedules as I am never off balanced or too tired to function accordingly to my job requirements.

I am consistently alert and graceful within presence and attitude.

When I do get home I don’t even fall asleep right away or even at all, to be honest, little periods of in between natural meditations serve as essential within the rejuvenation process. Those significant intervals are lifesaving and propelling.

Even though I have a steady yet fast paced workload and adventurous life I still keep up to date on the news and the situations in relation to my maintenance otherwise I do not have the time for much of anything else, although, I do enjoy my writing!

I treasure the free time that I do get to have when the moments call for it no matter how long or how short the duration and I treasure my rest and the nights of overdue sleep when tiredness sneaks by to creep and gently fall upon me.




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Busy Bee

bee“Hey, that’s me! I’ve been a very busy bee, out hard earning my money while still managing to be a sweet little honey”. Now I can get a little rest before I move on to the next of my conquests”.

I’ve been gracefully buzzing around within activity and continuity.

I worked a twelve hours a consecutive six day night shift assignment that began from last Thursday to yesterday, not to mention on the first day of my arrival my schedule had began in the afternoon with nineteen hours during the entire day through out unto the next morning so I had an additional seven hours added onto my initial twelve hours yet I do have to admit that I honestly enjoyed every bit of my job as I had an equally wonderful client to manage over.

I do not take on anything that I am unable to handle and with my track record within the variety of my working field there is no supervisor or manager from my past and/or present that would deny that I am a very good and dependable worker with a lot of skill and energy, and my natural efforts have not went unrecognized so far.

The weather was terrible in between last week and now as it has eased up a bit toward the end of my travel back and forth but I made it thoroughly and safely out of my borough of queens to long island that was not too far away from home, and that is all that is really important.

honey toastI love to live a life of peace and contentment and when one is a truly good and faithful dedicated person of their own life and spirituality even through hardships we do not get negatively affected by any tribulation or change and we immensely reap the prizes of accomplishments that were well done.



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