memoriesAside from the malicious onsets and deliberate attacks that from time to time had come into the picture and that were strategized by the many of further plagued and disturbed of individuals I had quite an excellent and fulfilling childhood, upbringing and natural way of living.

It is nice to be able to look back upon the circumstances from the past that imperatively contribute to the quality and value of an experience that demonstrate a congruent result here now within the present.

I reflect so delightfully on occasion all of the beauty and fortunate aspects that I have encountered and that have assisted to produce within me the most precious chunks of who I am as a functioning human being.

I am proud of the background that spawned me, the influences that have taught me and for the rewards that have entertained me. I deeply know how to appreciate where I came from both from the parental and spiritual arrangement in which I was raised up within.

A quiet evening of reminiscing through old photos a while ago was very thrilling and inviting as there were a history of family stories and situations to be recalled, discovered and elaborated upon everything that was interesting had newly been told once again.

Just yesterday I had a jubilant moment reviewing the best of times that I’ve had through out the span and how those great periods of memory can never be taken away as it really made me think about the fantastic connection that still remains.

beansI even in a sense wanted go back and revisit the stages because they had brought up so much temporary nostalgia.

It was hard for me to not realize just how much love and attention I had gotten and received and how well provided for and well taken care of that I truly was both by my mother and by the spiritual elements of nature. I had even been lucky enough with the few special people who have come into my life and that had made a positive and significant impression.

I knew all along but I was recently able to acknowledge with clearer eyes the depth of where my inner combination of viability resides.