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Busy Bee

bee“Hey, that’s me! I’ve been a very busy bee, out hard earning my money while still managing to be a sweet little honey”. Now I can get a little rest before I move on to the next of my conquests”.

I’ve been gracefully buzzing around within activity and continuity.

I worked a twelve hours a consecutive six day night shift assignment that began from last Thursday to yesterday, not to mention on the first day of my arrival my schedule had began in the afternoon with nineteen hours during the entire day through out unto the next morning so I had an additional seven hours added onto my initial twelve hours yet I do have to admit that I honestly enjoyed every bit of my job as I had an equally wonderful client to manage over.

I do not take on anything that I am unable to handle and with my track record within the variety of my working field there is no supervisor or manager from my past and/or present that would deny that I am a very good and dependable worker with a lot of skill and energy, and my natural efforts have not went unrecognized so far.

The weather was terrible in between last week and now as it has eased up a bit toward the end of my travel back and forth but I made it thoroughly and safely out of my borough of queens to long island that was not too far away from home, and that is all that is really important.

honey toastI love to live a life of peace and contentment and when one is a truly good and faithful dedicated person of their own life and spirituality even through hardships we do not get negatively affected by any tribulation or change and we immensely reap the prizes of accomplishments that were well done.



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