lone flowerI was inspired to write this entry due to the many interesting private as well as public messages in regard to the issue of the veil.

As I do not consistently have the time to respond to all within a timely period and do not entertain phony bits of deliberate mechanism I also do not have time for any bullshit and I detest those who want to pretend that they were born with a caul when they know darn well that in reality they were actually not. And the ones that dearly wish that they were yet cannot accept that they weren’t-no matter how much one would love to believe in whatever it is that would satisfy their fancy-that distorted belief itself will not bring about the production of event.

Life is about actuality not fallacy. I hate copycats and I ten times more hate manipulative liars.

I come from generations of power as I am the epitome of one literally having been born with the veil and when one is actually born under those special circumstances there will be someone within this life time who will indeed be able to recognize and verify that legitimacy, which I have said on more than one occasion will also make any of us a natural candidate for being a target.

I do not at all like ignorant stereotypes or generalizations I like authenticity within all forms even if that may defy what is limited within the scope of another individuals knowledge and/or experience.

softI am tired of false imitations of what others believe is to be expected within and among those of a specific classification due to the fact that they simply are not familiar with the range in which inborn tendency can operate.

When individuals contact me I wish some of them didn’t feel that they have to live up to the accustomed outline of what they think being a caulbearer represents, truth and originality is all that it takes not what is popularly heard or mirrored.

It is actually the minority that stands out as I have never understood why anyone would complain of the attributes and conditions that may transpire within the life of a person born with a veil I wouldn’t have life any other way because the spiritual life is the absolute best living arrangement in my opinion but that determination has to come with true discernment.

After all, it is not the talents or gifts of intuition and association with the other worldly that makes life at times especially hard or difficult it is the types of people and universal demonic influence that bring about complication.

I feel that some fear actually coming out and revealing their supernatural circumstances and experiences on account of the judgment and ignorance of others who are not legitimate to begin with. I also feel that some are self conscious as to the details of their situations and would rather just sit back and observe rather than to take part and express their revelations and that is one hundred percent alright if they choose to everyone is not meant to divulge their information and it is not always necessary.

lone rosesThere are individuals that are comfortable talking and corresponding with me as I have never been afraid to challenge and go out side the box with my way of being and thinking and state of genuineness, I am free and apathetic to those, if any, that are opposed to a manner of possibility and truth in which they are not able to deal with and that opens up the doorways for certain others to feel comfortable enough to come forward about.

There is no need to shy away from unconventionality or individuality.


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kay allen Hi i recently found out ive been born with a veil that explains why Baphomet is always watching me and i have been blocked all my life by my sister who i found out is a witch also my mom.how do we get out of the hand of the enemy
In reply to kay allen.If one is truly of the light then you are never actually within the hand of any spiritual or physical enemy you are just within a battle that you will have to overcome by conquering the negativity (and negative energy) that may be around or surrounding you (you should never consider yourself as a victim/the word victim should only be used as a figure of speech).

If you actually consider yourself a helpless victim then you will be. Having someone attack you should instantly make you want to fight back (that is just my nature and my perspective).

Even if at first or for most of your life you have not been aware of having been born with a veil there should be a significant indication of preternatural occurrences depending on the levels of strengths that are developed upon within your talents through experience.

So what I am saying is whether or not you were aware of being born with a veil, and if you were paying attention, (how could anyone not as that is what one is as a gifted person you have to notice the things about yourself especially when those things differ greatly from within others) there had to be a connection as well as recognition even if you were unable to put your finger on it.

So through out all of what you have picked up about and within yourself and have been able to interpret, use that, and add that on to what you have come to know now (being born with the “knowing power” because that is what it means to be born with the veil it is the gift of second-sight imparting one with luck and a link to the spirit realm there are all kind of special things that go along with being born in that fashion and I know this for a fact as I was born with the caul from the head and face all the way down to the nape of the neck my caul was perfectly intact due to my mother having had a cesarean section and I came out with the perfect head I was asked as I got older if I had chewed the caul because it is said that if you swallow the remnants of the caul or through a solution from it that it will protect one from seeing bad spirits only good ones one would be able to see.

I know all about these things my doctor and a few of the nurses knew what the caul birth meant too, anyway, that was back in the 70’s) and as you discover and evolve you will automatically find the answers and the correct judgment within the next route to take, however, ahead of anything, you must face truth and then live within your own truth and not let anyone discourage you (no one will be able to cause discouragement as long as there is strong foundation within yourself) as you can follow nobody else’s path but your very own.

You will be able to conquer whatever comes your way if you are “properly” aligned and in balanced with the universe in a “favorable” mode yet that only comes through particular destiny.