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So Sweet

accessories“She had coffee, I had tea, that little old lady was so sweet to me”.

Last Sunday afternoon on the twenty first of February I got a call on short notice from my job to do an overnight twelve hour shift but unfortunately I was unable to go. Then Wednesday I got another call on short notice asking if I could do a two day twelve hour night shift case yet again I was unavailable for that specific day but I informed that I was able to attend to the case for the next day so everything was settled.

On Thursday morning I was offered another case along with the case that I was already scheduled to go to and I accepted.

The first case was a twelve hour overnight the second was a double overnight and day shift. Then I was told that the first case was cancelled because the supervisors did not want me overworked without getting enough rest (so darn considerate I really appreciated that even though I was ready willing and able and have done far more loads of straight long hours of assignments within the past. I’ve been on jobs within the past whereas managers would try to take advantage of me just because they knew that I was a good reliable worker).

One of the nurses drove me over and out to the facility to where I was going to perform my duties as we were to meet with the administrative employees. There are a multiple of locations affiliated with my workplace establishment within the different areas and it is a great personal and professional experience.

These residential assisted living facilities are extremely high maintenance (no exaggeration) even more beautiful than the other ones that I have worked within and my client was a very lovely lady we hit it off instantly.

She insisted on buying me breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire time that I was there with her and she refused to let me pay for my own food or reimburse her for what she had charged to her room and/or account.

My client told me that she really appreciated me being there and watching over her and that she knows that I work hard for my money, and she had just met me. I told her that it was my job to look after her she told me to be quiet!

She told me that at first she didn’t want or think that she was going to need an assistant but after she met me she said that she was glad that I came and that I was there.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how we influence people and the positive impact that we may have on their lives no matter how big and how small.

I’ve always got along with people who were older than me those individuals in particular who were on the level I have been very blessed.

I left to go to work on Friday afternoon and just got back home after eleven p.m. last night I worked a total of thirty one hours.