writing with teaAs a child on up to my teenage years and through out my adulthood I have constantly been adored and nurtured, and in addition to being watched over by the universal elements of nature in which my very own personal connection with lineage has dominated the fortunate arrangement gathered by birthright never ceases to fail or even to amaze me at times.

The situation is consistently on point and up to par without ever relinquishing within its effects.

During my younger years I had no idea of the weightiness of what was around me and that had surrounded my state of well-being as I do now, though, I was fully aware that I had a form of guidance and protection that was indeed intangible.

As I continue on within my existence and onto the routes that direct unto my pathways as an aspiring adult the graveness is still there incessantly around and surrounding me to forevermore.

With a blessing of this nature comes deep responsibility and this condition is a liability that I do not at all mind bearing or adhering to one that I’d never take for granted as it is a genuine and dear pleasure to uphold the nature of my inborn tendencies, a privilege that I will never fall short of.

I look forward to those precious gifts of generosity from the two of the most powerful forces that reign intangibly within my life a piece of the destiny that has been brought about upon by fate.

I look forward to the beautiful and wonderful things that I have been shown as I remember that vision of loyalty to the promise of what was made to be known.

pup pupIt may still take a while yet I prefer not worry, as the plans are in the making, the good things do not always come within a hurry.

In the same momentous fashion that goes along and in accordance with my passion the modes that reflect back to me are attracts that generate from pure energy.

The scales all weigh out heavily in the balance, concurrent within alignment, and steady within reliance.



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