A Day On The Job


mushroomsLast week I was given a new permanent twelve hour three days a week overnight shift case assignment that I had done and completed and I was then going to be scheduled to work as a companion for a lady over at another supported living facility for nine hours a day for four days straight as a fill in but the woman had suddenly went into the hospital and it was not decided when she’d be returning back to the residence it was just determined that she would not be released for any time period soon.

So this past Saturday and Sunday I was scheduled to work two twelve hour morning shifts as another fill in.

On the Saturday assignment there was a bed-bound patient and my spirit did not take to her, as a highly sensitive spiritual person I will sometimes not operate properly when it comes down to certain types of people as my state of being temporarily goes awry (as long as I am within the presence of whatever it is that is clashing with my vibe) and it is a natural and automatic response that goes way above my tide yet very well within my reason and understanding.

This reaction, of course, does not arise within the environment when it comes to everyone just around those in which that are not healthy for me to be around and to whom my aura comes into conflict with.

As a innately good person my spirit as well as body repels and rejects any type of negativity or negative energy that generates and exudes out from other people and places making it very difficult for me to perform sufficiently as I am not inspired to and not allowed to by a spiritual means that I am not able to control.

There are some times when I cannot even go outside and this has been going on for years and these circumstances are not at all bad inconveniences they are part of the attributes and preservation that come along within my personal experience of being born with the caul. Nature will consistently open up further outlets and pathways to compensate for the even greater of opportunity if the circumstance brings about a misjudgment or an unfortunate outcome by other individuals and unearthly entities so there is never any need to worry as while something is manifested and done within a celestial fashion there will always be additional connecting pieces to the momentous puzzle.

trayThe lady noticed that I was hesitant about catering to her and she told a family member over the telephone that she had a “naive assistant” with her today. When she got off the phone I uttered to her “Did you call me naive?”

“Yes I did”, she addressed.

“I am not naive”, I told her, as I knew her kind and her ignorant train of thought.

“No, I mean naive to cleaning me up, not knowing how to do your job”, she explained to me.

First off, I had to sadly correct this woman on the definition of what the word naive truly means which in my opinion is “gullible” aside from one lacking the particular knowledge and experience of the world, types of people and so on, however she told me that being naive had nothing to do with being gullible so I just left it alone and showed her how naive that she really was. I came out and bluntly told her the truth about my behavior and she changed her entire tune.

I expressed to this lady that I do not wash nobody’s ass and that I do not clean up anybody’s house. I may assist one who is able to help them self to a point if need be but I am far too intelligent to wipe the shit off of anyone’s ass or to be anyone’s cleaning lady I am just a fill in for today on a job description that I do not usually do.

The woman told me that I should not be in this profession if I do not care because she thought that people take these sorts of jobs such as care givers whether it is nurses, nurse assistant, companion, aide or medical assistant and so on because they sincerely cared and looked forward to a lifetime journey throughout the field.

Some do, I told her, but that I was just in it for the money even though I have came across some nice people that I did enjoy giving motivation to and supervision over, and giving an important professional helping hand to, yet that this job was nothing that my heart was truly into especially for the long run.

Some patients or clients are pleasant, some are tolerable and some are just too undesirable to want to be around and this lady fit into that category as my spirit did not take to her, you see, I am a person of substance, positive energy and a clean aura, and I do not get along with any type of trash. I connect more so with people of a genuine high class nature -and naturally being high class has absolutely nothing to do with money it is an inborn state of mind, tendency and character- such as myself (those of us who are extremely intelligent, resilient and born with a significant purpose and whatever other definition that may apply in distinct to certain individuals).


tableThere are, of course, people who are ill and who may just get sick on account of an unfortunate circumstance of life and from living within an imperfect world.


Then there are the people who are incapacitated or fall ill with affliction of some sort due to all of the dirt that they have done within their lives and this woman fit into that category as she is miserable and bitter and also not too intellectually inclined. She is in her predicament and suffering as a result of negative karma that she ultimately deserves and I feel no sympathy for that degenerate at all.

I hate stupid people, people who think that if you don’t do something the way that they expect then that means to them that you do not know how to do it, or if you don’t immediately make known a knowledge or an awareness by not being affected through a situation, or if you’ve never made known something to the forefront to begin with, then that means or they assume that, you do not know anything about the issue at all. That is the typical mind state of trash.

I guess instead of hating the ignorance that many people do possess I should just continue to be glad that I am not one of them-some genuine words of fact and wisdom for me to always remember. Their ignorance is a reflection of them and definitely not me.

So I went down to the office to inform the nurse that I wanted off of this woman’s case for that day and my request was honored I was just asked to do a cluster shift in return for the remaining hours that I was scheduled there to work.



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