Telling the truthThese quotes that I have posted are testimonials to the way I have lived and believed in since I was a young child and someone had to indeed experience these reflections in order to produce them as many of us can honestly relate as it takes strength, confidence and authenticity within character.

I’ve been told myself by those who have read my blogs that a lot of the sentences within my original writings can be used and turned into quotes and when I had looked over and examined my literature and even my modes of speech-because the people who actually know me have always told me that- “I write just like I talk.” I have to admit that these people were correct within their assessments (maybe one day I’ll publish my very own quotes professionally but only if spirit moves me to when the time is right).

People have also told me that I speak about a lot of things that many people think and feel, and want to say but don’t. And that I write with power and passion.

FreedomI do not usually get inspiration from other sources as mainly what I write about comes from deep within and what I’ve noticed about myself and other gifted people or people of intellectual distinction who have been in my circle at one time or another is that we often know and come up with insight and solutions far before it even hits or is even accepted by mainstream society.

For instance certain quotes that are motivational are words that we were already aware of, experiencing and living by. Spiritual, mental and physical findings that have been discovered through research we had already been conscious of and living in accordance to years ago before it had become commercial or more well known among a large group of individuals, and so on.

truth against liesEven particular clothes we were wearing before they became one of the most popular name brand items.

The thing about it is that when those who are not on the level and are only able to perceive from within the boundaries of their own limited outlook when they first hear the variety of wisdom, information and solutions as it comes from us they are quick to judge or call us crazy because we are so ahead of them within our keen sense of knowledge and comprehension yet when they as slow learners finally do get the messages they then develop and acquire a philosophy or mode of life and further understanding that results in possible expansions for those who choose and are able to grow.truth and lies


3 thoughts on “No One Can Ever Take Away The Beauty Of The Mind And Spirit

  1. Miss Latoya, I’ve been reading your posts now for 3 years. I laugh (sometimes in tears!) because I feel you’ve read what has been occurring in my life for the past 14 years. Your posts encourages and strengthens me. I am able to push forward and be strong in faith in God! God Bless You!

    1. It is nice when we are fortunate enough to genuinely come across those of us who we may be able to identify ourselves and/or situations with and then take whatever it is that we may need or that is of a great benefit and value from it even if it is just a small thing to us because we all have our own definition and different types of measurements depending on how we are affected and to what extent.

      In a world full of so much negativity and many unsavory human beings who are prone to the desires of wanting to see us fall it is magnificent and uplifting to be reminded that there are still quite a few of us good ones still out here surviving the battles of life and maintaining a good head on our shoulders while continuously observing, absorbing and having vital awareness.

      You are not alone even though it may sometimes seem like it. There is always some other person in the world who is going through or who has shared the same experience as you and me, or someone else.

      So keep being strong and consistently keep moving forward and don’t ever let anyone discourage you and hold onto the faith that brings you your peace, fulfillment and advancement within the ways that it means to you.

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