A New Title To The Same Truth

berries in a bagI have the freedom of speech and my words and experiences are true and no one has the right to silence me so I just did not use the name of the place and the people that is at the topic of my discussion.

I had an ugly dyke-looking fat dumb bitch for a supervisor and the executive director was another ugly fat bitch, other undesirable co workers whom I cannot mention their names along with others whose faces have come to me within vision and who all have plotted together with their lies (and I mean these people lie like I don’t know what) will indeed be getting their just due in a very negative fashion. It is not the entire facility at the place where I worked that partook but my spiritual eye is aware of those in particular and my entities are going after them with a fierce vengeance.

The executive director put me on paid administrative leave for a week then terminated me not on account of my work but on account of corruption and that is unacceptable. Yes, I have other employment opportunities and work available, however, it is the principle of the thing and they are not going to get away with their conspiracy and dishonesty.

(They at the place where I worked had also been keeping a tab on my blog here since as far back as April people who know of me know them and I know everything that is going on as I am ahead of them all this is a big thing with trying to hold me back within life because people in particular cannot accept and deal with truth!)

 My enemies keep tabs on me and it was no exception when I chose a particular assisted living facility as one of my spots to work at when I had went for a job interview sometime back within April of this year.

The place located at Glen Cove, NY is nothing spectacular and the place is nowhere near as clean or as gorgeous as the other residential assistant living facilities that I have worked in, however, it was very convenient for me as far as travel and hourly schedule.

I didn’t have any problems out of the residents as they were very mild tempered and easy to care for and due to my own pleasant (nature) temperament, sufficiency and professionalism it had made the relationships even more amicable.

My job was more of fun to me than hard work yet all of my jobs were that way to me because I am very good at whatever it is that I do and that I put my mind to.

Just a week ago I had my supervisor unknowingly on speaker phone to let my relative hear while she expressed to me how well that I was doing there on the job “And everyone knows it!” she included. “Your work speaks in volumes, and you have also done very well with Care Connect (a new computerized system within the facility to record job activity and resident information)”. She also told me that I had a very good work ethic.

A few days later I had a meeting with my supervisor and another lady there at the place while my supervisor acknowledged to me that from how my performance was there so far that she could see that I had a future there at the company.

She explained clearly that there was nothing at all wrong with my work and even had me sign a paper for the raise that she had prior informed to me that she was going to give to me for working the weekend shift, but that it was the people there at the place that was a concern and if that continued to be a problem it could interfere with my employment there.

Fellow co workers there at the place were constantly going to my supervisors intentionally lying and saying that I was getting into confrontations with them and that I was rude to them because they didn’t want me to work there. They just wanted to get rid of me and get me fired.

(I didn’t even associate with anyone there they were just mad because I did not want to be bothered with them and because I am not the type of person that anyone can control.)

They believed within their ignorant minds that if a group of people keep going around saying the same thing about me then it was inevitable that it was going to be taken as the truth (nothing but a set up, all a game that I didn’t and have never fell for).

So what it all boiled down to was playing on the stupidity of others who were unfortunately unsophisticated (And those supervisors have no street smarts-well neither do a lot of people in the street, they are in the street yet know nothing about the street).

I have book smarts, street smarts, spiritual smarts and life experience.

I could not believe how dumb these people sounded when people go around lying on people everyday but that is the mindset of trash. It also served as a reminder of how my enemies strategize and how this was their tactic when they spread so many lies about me within the past yet was unsuccessful in bringing me down.

I will give much credit to the other supervisors on my other jobs who were quite savvy and that had knew what was going on and knew better than to listen to the lies that were told by the perpetrators and didn’t go along with it because they had a mind of their own and backbone. My contribution to the establishments served as a higher value than to the bullshit that was going on at the time as I was a great asset.

The entire ordeal was to ruin my name and reputation yet they had failed to succeed because I honestly did not give a fuck about what they contrived. I am more powerful than they are! And I fear no one, I do not bow down to anyone, and I do not kiss anyone’s ass!

The majority of the people who worked there at the place were Haitians and Jamaicans I was one of the few Americans if not the only one, I would not accept rides in their cars and I would not eat from any of them and they became very offended and that was totally their problem.

They there at the place even tried to make me not want to come to work with the use of witchcraft but it did not work I still went to my job every day. I could feel the negativity there with them and what they were trying to do to sabotage me.

These foreigners have always been scared of the spiritual power that I hold and as a person born of the caul I pose a serious threat to them all because I am a good person and I have the ability to destroy them and the ones who cause problems for me.

They cannot do the dirt to people that they use to that is why people like me are here and exist aside from also living out our lives-to put a stop to it and to them-and the universe is working it out.

The more positive and good that we are as a people the harder we will have it from those that are demonic.

Jealous and envious people have always tried to hold me back because I am very intelligent, very attractive, very strong, very honest, very gifted and very influential, and they fear me!

I think that it is so deep though how sick these people actually are, how they won’t leave me alone. They are so mad because of the money and success that I was born to have and that I will have that they don’t want to see happen and come to me.

I am not the type to let anyone use or abuse me so they know that they would never get a part of my blessings and share with them, hell, I wouldn’t give them worthless pieces of shit a penny to cross the street!

If I was within their category and all low and ragged out everything would be fine they would not bother me yet it is so disappointing to them that my self esteem is extremely high and that I have never have been on drugs, never been dogged out by a man, never been an average person or affected by the bullshit of this world and I never will be.

They think that because of my attitude about the way that I feel towards them that they will stop me from working to not have any money to provide for myself to teach me a lesson (I have news for them all I have never been without and they know this that is why they don’t want me to have anymore).

They want me to struggle and not live comfortably because they are unable to and have to use their money to support their lovers and to buy friends.

They think that they are going to continue to follow me all through out my life using other people to go along with them because they are within the same category or because they have dirt on them or both.

This will all eventually come to an end with them and as these people are already miserable and suffering their further actions are within the process of bringing about even more of anguish and misfortune within their lives.



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