The Corrupt


poppy flowersI went out to dinner this evening (well, technically it is Wednesday morning after midnight so I guess I’ll say yesterday evening) in a classy environment among people of my stature and had such a lovely time. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was gorgeous.

When I got home after ten pm I just happened to check my email and came upon I don’t think I can mention the name (and I am being sarcastic) because now I am being accused of harassment and threatening to the garbage that I use to work with.

I tell you, the trash never quit with their lies.

It is okay for them to lie on you but once you tell the truth about them they cannot handle it! They do their dirt and then they get scared because they can dish it out but they cannot take it the truths hurts them.

The email said if I come on the premises of the workplace that they are going to notify law enforcement. Come on the premises for what? Who wants to be near that trash at my old job (which I can’t say directly because they have it hooked up that if I mention them I am violating their privacy and that is so strange to me because they are a bunch of nobodies).

These people are really sick I can’t wait for the universe to take care of them all.

Now I’m a criminal? Oh please, get real!

No person that is within law enforcement who is within their right mind would believe that someone like me would waste my life on people who aren’t worth anything.

They are trying to make it like I threatened them physically all that they do is lie and manipulate they just want to put a stop to me permanently because I speak the truth against people that are no good and they have shown just how corrupt they are by trying to intimidate me by threatening to have the crooked people that dwell within law enforcement to come after me.

It is not what they know it is who they know and no good people are always pulling strings to try to do the good people in, however, it does not matter because I am happy and they are miserable.

No one can fight spiritual power-no lawyer, no judge and no cop. When people do dirt it is going to come back to them those are just the laws of nature and the power of those who have gifts.

I have to take down my one posts that I wrote on the 25th but only to not give the trash what they want it doesn’t matter anyhow because I know the truth about them all I guess I just have to keep quiet about it but I am proud of myself for standing up for what is right regardless of the lengths that they go through to attempt to cover up their malicious deeds.



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