An Occurrence

spring bearI have an excellent memory and I can remember things from back afar I even have recollections of certain moments when I was just three years of age.

During the summer in the year of 1982 my father Simmie Brown had came and paid me a visit. I was about seven years old, a neighborhood associate (she was about six or seven) and I were outside in front of my house playing when he stepped out of a cab.

He was dressed in a leather jacket with a hat, staring at me as he walked over to approach.

“He looks high”, my young associate had said as his eyes were red and watery. She knew what that particular state of being “high” appeared as because she had older brothers who use to smoke weed.

I headed straight for the door, entering into my home as this man followed in behind me. When I reached into the kitchen I asked my mother “Who is this man?”

“He’s your father”, she had said. I hadn’t remembered him since the last time he was around me I was a bit younger then.

Anyhow, he took my mother and I out to eat and then to a movie theater they both left the choice up to me on which movie to see. It was a toss up between “The Outsiders” or “Bad Boys” so I had chose to see Bad Boys which had starred Sean Penn and Esai Morales.

Afterwards he took us back to his sister’s apartment located within the Bronx and on her living room couch was loaded with an assortment of stuffed dolls and animals. One had caught my eye in particular and it was a Holly Hobbie rag doll that I kept holding and playing with.

daisy and teaAfter some time had passed, a few months later, there was an unexpected visitor that rang our doorbell. My mother was greeted at the front door by a woman who was accompanied by her husband.

The lady name was Dorothy whose nickname was “Cookie” and she introduced herself as Simmie’s sister.

My mother let the couple in and seated them on the couch then came upstairs to wake me up from a nap that I was taking. When she brought me downstairs to the living room I was still half asleep.

When I came to full attention I saw that the woman that I had noticed was holding a stuffed doll in her arms the same stuffed doll that I continued to play with while I was at her apartment in the Bronx.

She had had two sets of the Holly Hobbie rag dolls there at her home a brown faced one and a tan faced one, she had brought me the brown-colored faced stuffed doll the one I had took a liking to.

Simmie obviously had told his sister how much I was fond of playing with the doll and she took a trip out to Queens to meet me and to give me the doll as a present. Dorothy also informed to my mother that she had an aunt that lived not too far away from us who I later got acquainted with when I became an adult in my early twenties.

My mother had long ago met and known Georgia Mae Williamson (Simmie’s mother) and visited her home, and one of her sister’s had remembered seeing my mother and I from way back around in the 70’s sometime as I heard them recall a encounter of them all coincidentally meeting up at the butcher’s market around the corner along with Simmie’s brother Tony when I was an infant.

As a teenager on up I had spoken from time to time to Simmie over the telephone along with the other relatives of his down in South Carolina and when I visited down there in the year of 2001 I got to meet many of them face to face (

I had gotten along will all of the young adult cousins of mine, however one who’d I had spoken to over the phone that had wanted to meet me when he once visited New York but didn’t have time because he had to go catch his flight didn’t live down there and didn’t like being around all of the drama constantly created down there by their relatives so I didn’t get to meet him face to face. The up in age male seniors were congenial, the older women on the other hand were nothing but jealous, miserable, lying, underhanded gossipy bitches that no one who was reasonable could stand to be around.

flower in bookBefore I went down to South Carolina I had came into contact with so called Dorothy “Kookie” who this one had spelled with a “K” (the sister that Simmie use to party hard with) and when I brought up about the doll that she had given to me and how I still had it-because I still had a lot of articles from my childhood hanging around-she acted as if she didn’t have any recollection of it. She didn’t even know the directions to my house her aunt’s husband had to show her how to get there when she picked me up.

I know that people do forget but that wasn’t it.

When Dorothy arrived she was not the same woman who had visited me when I was a child. She was indeed in relation to Simmie but she was not the same sister who had come by back in the early eighties. This woman didn’t even know that the “real” Cookie had come to see me!

Simmie was only supposed to have had one sister and one brother so what happened?

Simmie wasn’t all there in the head due to drugs just like most who are addicts ( and just like most who are trash, and I could always see through him when he’d tell his lies although he did reveal a lot of information to me about his family that I would weigh out because as an intelligent human being I know not to believe everything that people tell me and that I hear some of the information I would confirm whether or not if it was true from was by one of his family members who had dirt on all of them, and one who would speak the truth, and that was one of his aunts-the one that his family would all call “crazy”.

Yeah, we know those so-called crazy ones. Crazy because they are too smart or too tough so people have to try to downplay and discredit them out of fear and corruption.

Anyway, Simmie once told me an interesting story about how his mother was pregnant with twins and how his mother fell down a flight of steps and how one of the twins had died. One of his other aunts denied this actually happened, though, expressing “I don’t know why Simmie would say a thing like that”.

So I had to read in between the lines and figure out the scrambled details for myself.

She, another one of her sisters, as well as the Kookie that I went down south with all told me about the ESP that their mother was born with and that I had inherited on both sides of the family because Extrasensory Perception runs down the lines of generations on my mother’s side as well. They said how accurate and wise that woman was.

chinaI should know I am the very same way and my mother’s side of the family (the kin of my mother’s mother) from down in Virginia who I’ve come to know were very powerfully gifted with clairvoyance and occult and they are my ancestors now. Even my no-good great grandmother Amanda Byars said that her own mother was gifted with second-sight and it was true that woman was also a Blackfoot Indian Amanda showed me her pictures.

That was another thing that I was concerned about within my family tree and that was our nationality when getting familiar with Simmie’s family when I was a teenager because I came from African American and Native American Roots. It was confirmed that Simmie’s father was a 100% full blooded Cherokee Indian aside from the fact that his grandmother was full of Indian as well as African American. I was given loads of pictures of many members of his family to bring home with me.

Simmie’s grandfather was a very light-complexioned man who had white blood in him and my mother had long time ago had his obituary, however, Tina (my mother’s sick degenerate sister) had stolen it to contact other junkie family members of Simmie’s back in the day to serve a negative purpose (to spread her lies but it didn’t matter because birds of a feather flock together).

My grandmother on my mother’s side, Catherine, her own mother was also a 100% full blooded Cherokee Native American Woman.

So I was so relieved to have found out that Simmie’s family had also consisted of African American and Native American ancestry I wanted to make sure that there were no Caribbean backgrounds within the unit. I mean some of them may have dealt with those foreigners and had children with them but it wasn’t within our blood line.

Then I was once told by someone unknown to anyone around my area who lived in another state that recognized my ability how when I was about seven or eight years of age that there was a relative who had something to tell me but that she had died right before she was able to do so.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out whom that relative could have possibly been at the time when this information was gathered unto me, however, it wasn’t until years later that I considered the fact that it could have been Dorothy. The “real” Dorothy

The idea of possible murder and impersonation within a family is not so far fetched, a lot of dark secrets and cover ups within some of these shady people within Simmie’s family and within certain people in general.


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