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serveNo matter what I have to keep my self occupied whether it is at my workplace environment, my outside environment or at my home environment.

Even while I am at rest my overactive brain is always ticking with the full force of natural productive energy.

I have a mind that I refuse to put to waste and a voice that I do not hesitate to put forward as it is not wise to hinder our talents and gifts whatever it is that they may be to us and within our capability so I go along with the celestial flow of automatic message and design.

pie slicesSpirit speaks to me on so many levels using me as an instrument to harmoniously transfer the melodies of extraordinary tune.

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The Advantage

relaxedBe who you are and live life without letting all of the disguised hassles beguile and live you!

Why spend precious moments wasting time on the circumstances that do not bring about any true value or satisfaction within one’s own purpose and desire?

carefreeFulfillment comes in all shapes, sizes and mixtures and if one isn’t exact and upfront about taking a portion of the opportunity that is within grab all of the available consistency will be put to drain.

Other individual’s unresolved issues are exactly what they are and not an associated factor in the determination of one’s own beneficial succession.

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notesI live my life on my own terms not by what anyone else determines that my life should be.

I know what I want and I know what will work for me and if something or someone does not fit into my category and mode of harmony then there is no room for disturbance. I do not occupy discord the friction is not necessary I refuse to hold on to what I do not relate to solely on account of what others may adhere to conform to and neither should any self-loved and self-respecting person with dignity.

I do not need to be accepted by anyone’s specific standard of life in order to maintain because the ability to not be free is completely unacceptable to me. I’d die before I let someone or something “rearrange” my innate state of being.

I am thankful for all of the love and good luck that I have around me and for the courage that is within me to live unbind by the many chains that are disproportionately locked into the grips of the world.

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bedroom bureauI love to go out and enjoy myself from time to time and when the moments call for it aside from when I am out and about within the world with doing my day and night job assignments in the health care field and other field of occupation, however, as a true person born under the zodiacal sign Taurus I am a homebody by heart and I keep my home-life separate in all aspects of relation as my home is an extension of my own personal sociable and spiritual temple where I entertain myself as well as continuously nurture myself.

baby shoesI’d never let anyone violate the sanctity of my spirit or the personal space of my environment.

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Fresh, Pure And Wholesome

ice cream and berriesI take good bites out of life; the chunks that I know are going to be the most nutritious and beneficial for me. I eat and live very health-wise. Aside from feeding our bodies we also have to feed our brains and without a healthy constitution our minds will lack the virility that it needs to properly energize and function.

bananaWe are spirits walking around within our shells of flesh yet while we are here on the earth it is very important to maintain that vibrant and flexible shell with love and respect.

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natural healingMeditation is a wonderful and natural process that has come upon me naturally for years and it is such a serene state of reaction into activation. The ambiance of setting is complimentary in revelation to meditating within atmospheric placidity; however, the most grounded of souls can find relaxation within the most hectic of environment through the shield of luminous peace and protection.

Also cleansing oneself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally is quite invigorating. We constantly rejuvenate when we continue to clear our paths from the build up of negativity and negative energy that may attach itself to us from time to time.

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strawberry basketLife is not always a basket of sweet and delicious fruit there are those sour flavors which are not so kosher to the buds and that leave a nasty lingering taste within the mouth that one instinctively has to go and spit directly out in disgust.

And there are quite a lot of unsavory people who outright fit into this category of repulsion.

The energy that generates and that can exude out from other people of this nature does reflect quite miserably and they are indeed not healthy to be around yet no amount of negativity will penetrate to cause any ill or significant affect when one is strong and confident within their own mental and spiritual foundation. One may recognize or interpret the morbid energy for what it is but it won’t affect the state of being or surroundings.

No one can spoil one’s true peace and happiness unless they allow another individual to do so, and no piece of trash, especially, is worth the aggravation nor should be given any of the unnecessary power.

Why let an inconsequential figure or thing that means absolutely nothing to one, to arouse one?