pups and catUnfortunately, in the past, I grew up in a neighborhood full of those trashy undesirables and as I was nothing at all like them within the mind, body or spirit I developed and maintained successfully while they continued on within their inevitable paths to destruction that they were unable to so desperately pull me into.

They always want other people who are above them to fear them when they are entirely nothing to be intimidated by at all they are a very transparent group of disturbed individuals.

They get their paybacks in so many ways as they do not think about what they do beforehand and the consequences that they have to “without a doubt” eventually pay for, however, fast or within the long run.

Everything that I do I am justified for and I relish in the fact that I have the power of universal influence and effect through the natural reflections of celestial advantage. What goes around comes back around again as many times worse and evildoers will so much reap back what they sow even with a little more ruthlessness when I get my claws into the situation.


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