Low Life


daisies in a wickerbagThere are many who lie and that try to manipulate through countless and various form of technique as they are accustomed to steal, cheat and sabotage by their deliberate means of sickness and functioning, those who are miserable and who’d none other than like to make another sick and miserable just in the same.

Personal shortcomings render some of these people unable to handle or to cope with the harsh reality of their lives, conflict that is deeply rooted from within allow them to believe in their own states of illusion and delusion that they tend to overcompensate for due to the fact that they often tend to lie so much to themselves as well as they do to certain others. In doing so creates a zone of protection, a safety net identifying their false sense of security that justifies their overall distorted view of what they comprehend as tackle and survival, the only way of life that they know how.



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