strawberry basketLife is not always a basket of sweet and delicious fruit there are those sour flavors which are not so kosher to the buds and that leave a nasty lingering taste within the mouth that one instinctively has to go and spit directly out in disgust.

And there are quite a lot of unsavory people who outright fit into this category of repulsion.

The energy that generates and that can exude out from other people of this nature does reflect quite miserably and they are indeed not healthy to be around yet no amount of negativity will penetrate to cause any ill or significant affect when one is strong and confident within their own mental and spiritual foundation. One may recognize or interpret the morbid energy for what it is but it won’t affect the state of being or surroundings.

No one can spoil one’s true peace and happiness unless they allow another individual to do so, and no piece of trash, especially, is worth the aggravation nor should be given any of the unnecessary power.

Why let an inconsequential figure or thing that means absolutely nothing to one, to arouse one?


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