Preference, Percipience And Inclination


siblingsAlthough within life all of us will never be within harmony with everyone as we all have our very own distinct character and individuality, however, since day one, I have always been able to accurately read people as I am a very good judge of character and I have always been able to sense things about people that other people could not sense.

I have never liked degenerates they are extremely ignorant and are not at all intelligent even though many of them think and actually believe that they know all that there is to know about life and about people when indeed they know absolutely nothing at all but the level of mentality that their circle all share within one another, they are envious and jealous people, they are manipulative, they lie constantly and they are nothing but pure trouble and cause problems among those who are of a better quality than they are.

I refuse to go down to their level in order to establish a worthless communication that caters to their low grade outline of comprehension. I refuse to make allowances for their deficiencies and unwanted existence.

goldenOne definite thing though is, and that is that no matter how much dirt it is in which they do, it always comes back to them even if what they had done did not affect their target in the ways that they may have wanted it to because it is the “principal” that the wrongdoings were done to begin with, especially, when the inspired target is innocent or completely in the right according to their state of being.


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