cupThis past Friday morning on my way to my job as I rode the bus I noticed a woman with white skin sitting up front by the window. It was a lovely day out and the sun beamed in on her nicely colored shoulder length blond tresses.

As we both took the bus to its last destination I stopped this female stranger on the street to ask her if that was the natural shade of her hair.

The lady who appeared to be within her fifties or maybe even sixties, hell, she could have been older than that the way a lot of people look really good for their age these days and who spoke with an accent that may have been either Jewish or Russian or something else actually explained to me that she would use highlights and the such.

We exchanged a few more words as I told her how I had watched her on the bus gazing at her strands as they shined beautifully in the light of the sun.

“Well, I just wanted to tell you how pretty the tone of your hair is”, I genuinely expressed to this women that I’d never seen before in my neighborhood.

She stood still then smiled and said thank you with true appreciation within her voice and we departed to our own further destinations.

I use to color my hair when I was in my mid twenties to early thirties now I just stay with my natural pretty dark reddish brown shade as I have no desire to dye my locks anymore. I am lucky to come from genes where we all have a very good grade of healthy and good growing hair and I have that natural luster to mine.

I wanted to go blond years ago when my hair length was hanging all the way down to my back yet I would have had to constantly bleach it if I wanted to maintain that permanent color after the new growth came in back then and I did not want to strip my hair so I just settled for other shades until I found one to stick with.

Those days are gone now and I do prefer my own tone even though I had fun with experimenting with certain different shades.

I’ve worked at JC Penney, Bloomingdale’s, Sears and Macy’s and at my current workplace I have a very important job that requires full time hours. Aside from the other important jobs that I’ve had working in retail where I was only in charge of certain departments or just working certain areas, now I am in a position where I am responsible throughout the whole entire store.

“We believe in you”, my manager addressed to me a while back. And I haven’t had any problems at all taking on this role that I enjoy and that I’ve been doing very well in and soon I’ll be overlooking others who I’ll have to assist.

My coworkers are so nice and good to me, and I to them, we’re all very professional.

I had a great day yesterday on the job full of energy and initiative as usual yet even more so.

The Holiday season is coming and we’ll be doing the yearly overnight shifts which I love even more before we’ll go back to our regular daily morning shifts. I’ve finally completely ditched the health care field as I was doing it on the side to do something that I really want and my preparations are so becoming as it gets me fully ready for the store and business of my very own that I will be venturing into and opening up one day within the future.

manyThe universe is wonderful and forever in effect granting us our wants, desires and needs, the things that we deserve and that are within our destiny all that we have to do is to believe and mine have always come sooner than expected.

I always give veneration and praise to all of my good Ancestors and Orishas as they have my back and faithfully lead my pathways.




My Cousin Dottie (Another Lovely Memento)


I last saw my cousin Dottie-who the family referred to as “Dot” her nickname like people always called me “Toy” or “Toya” for short-in person sometime in the nineties at her mothers apartment in the Bronx after she had passed away. Before then I hadn’t seen her since I was much younger aside from having talked to her over the phone once in a while.

I forgot the year in which Dottie herself passed away, however, Dottie was the glamorous type who was well off and that had lots of money and like me she never cared what anyone said or thought about her as she had many that were also jealous of her.

Dottie was one of my great-grandmothers sister’s twin daughters, the sister that is featured in my “Lovely Mementos” post and she was beautiful too. I am glad that I got to see her before she passed away as she was one who had told her aunt Amanda that she was “The worst one in their family” as the rest of us good ones shared the same view.

Dottie and one of her husbands
Dottie and one of her husbands

At one time in life at the very beginning Amanda had seemed alright yet something happened along the way, anyhow, us that had sense didn’t let those who were envious of our entire family and the things that we had as well as our character come between us and try to tear us apart as individuals-we sustained and I am proud!