I arose early on Wednesday morning before heading out.

Yesterday was a beautiful clear day with sunshine. The temperature was reasonably nice considering the prior days of snow, rain, and pure cold.

Later in the afternoon, after four, it had gotten brisk compared to the earlier spring-like tease of weather.

I ran a few errands then returned back home. Overall, I enjoyed the way I spent all of my day.

5 thoughts on “Yesterday

    1. Yes we do have to appreciate our days here on the earth. And, many take for granted the days God wakes them up in the morning. They do not realize that he is extending his grace by giving everyone time to come to him before it is too late.

      The Lord already knows who will and who will not ever accept him, but he does not want anyone to perish.

      Yes, The Lord wants us to have pleasant moments but he is more concerned with our spiritual growth than our happiness. These days we are given are not for a party, our real party will come when we are all (all who are save) are united/rejoicing with Jesus, and reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us.

      The days we have left no matter how long or how short should be spent being thankful and dedicated to maintaining a relationship with God.

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