It is hilarious how some people are in toxic relationships and pretend to be happy when they know they’re really not.

They put on a show for others, however, those of us with true insight see and know the truth.

Genuine happiness or contentment is not validated by acts of pretense for the public eye.

No one with discernment is fooled by the phony displays.

Authentic people are secure and don’t go around trying to prove to anyone the love, peace, happiness or fulfillment they have inside.

There is a big difference between sharing out of the propensity to be open and helpful, and sharing with the intent to put on airs.



3 thoughts on “Fake People Are So Easy To See Through!

    1. Never compromise yourself for anyone. I am glad you were wise and strong enough to not be susceptible to another’s manipulation.

      Stay away from those who perpetrate they are trouble, and nothing but trouble. A lot of them do things for attention, to impress others, or to not appear as a failure, and so on.

      Different people have their own different reasons and motives for why they do things yet a lot of their actions stem from insecurity and their own deep down feelings of inferiority.

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