I do not understand people who claim that it hurts to talk about a relative who died. I love and enjoy speaking and reminiscing about the times we shared.

If the death of someone ever caused you pain, it is only because of the love you had for them. The more you loved them, the more it hurt, and that hurt feels so good!

Within that pain lies beauty. Beauty is the strength of that love. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I thank God for gifting me with such a strong spirit.

Our loved ones who died in Christ are not actually dead. 
They are alive and living well. In fact, they are doing far much better than we are! 
Yes, we love them, and we miss them. However, we should be very happy for them. 
They, by the grace of God, made it home to Jesus! That is a cause for celebration. 
They are residing in the peace and comfort of divine love. 

The love we have for our dear ones could never compare to the love that God has for them. 
When we truly love them, we can willingly let them go, and that gives us such beautiful peace knowing them in such wonderful state of bliss. 
No more troubles in this perishing world they must endure. 
The most phenomenal thing we as believers and children of God recognize is that our deceased relatives are not people who are from our past. 
They are people who we know we will look forward to sharing the rest of our future in eternity with once we finally cross over.latoya lawrence 

7 thoughts on “We’ll Be Together Again One Day ❤

    1. Yes. They live on forever in our hearts as the loves stays strong and never dies.

      My mother unexpectedly passed away two years ago. She went into cardiac arrest in front of me.

      I am so glad it happened while we was at home together.

      She was with me when I entered into the world, and I was with her when she left out.

      She was in a coma for five weeks before God took her. She had been through so much in life, and survived so much, and came through on top through so many blessings by God- now it was time for her to rest and collect her reward. He gave me those five weeks to absorb and let her go.

      She was my mother and my best friend, and the proper way I continue to live my life is a testimony to the great mother that she was ❤.

    2. This is so beautiful!
      “She was with me when I entered into the world, and I was with her when she left out.”

      She sounds like she was a beautiful woman.

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